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Episodes 201-255

Episode #'s: 1-50 / 51-100 / 101-150 / 151-200 / 201-255

#201- To Beanie or Not to Beanie (1/5/82)
Joanie has to decide between UCLA or the local University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

#202- Southern Crossing (1/12/82)
Al and Fonzie visit the south as members of the Freedom Riders.

#203- Grandma Nussbaum (1/19/82)
Fonzie and Chachi make plans for their beloved grandma to move into a retirement home.

#204- Poohba Doo Dah (1/26/82)
Al wants Frankie Avalon, a distant cousin, to headline the Leopard Lodge's annual musical extravaganza.

#205- A Touch of Classical (2/2/82)
After pretty music teacher Cynthia Brannigan hires a classical orchestra for the Jefferson High concert, Fonzie tries to get the gang to switch from rock to Bach.

#206- Hi Yo, Fonzie Away (2/9/82)
Chachi and Howard attempt to win a dinner with the Lone Ranger for Fonzie's birthday.

#207- Great Expectations (2/16/82)
Roger seeks Fonzie's advice when his love life is in trouble, then introduces his new romantic approach at a wild party.

#208- Hello, Flip (2/23/82)
Roger's brother Flip comes to Milwaukee.

#209- Chachi's Future (3/2/82)
Chachi dumps his dreams of rock stardom to become a high-pressure salesman.

#210- Tell Tale Tart (3/16/82)
Jenny Piccalo spreads a rumor about the new girl in school.

#211- Love and Marriage (3/23/82)
Al wants to ask Chachi's mom to marry him.

#212- A Woman Not Under the Influence (9/28/82)
Fonzie meets Ashley Pfister for the first time.

#213- Letting Go (10/12/82)
Joanie wants to move to Chicago with Chachi to start a singing career and attend college.

#214- Empty Nest (10/19/82)
After Joanie departs, Marion replaces the living room furniture with inflatables and buys a trailer.

#215- A Night at the Circus (10/26/82)
Fonzie and Heather go to the circus.

#216- A Little Case of Revenge (11/9/82)
Fonzie's former classmate (Tom Hanks) seeks revenge at a civic ceremony honoring the Fonz.

#217- Who Gives a Hootenanny (11/16/82)
Arnold replaces the jukebox music with folk music. Joanie and Chachi appear on a TV music show called Hootnite.

#218- Going Steady (11/23/82)
Fonzie pledges his love to Ashley, but risks losing her when he allows an old girlfriend to spend the night in his apartment.

#219- Such a Nice Girl (11/30/82)
Melvin Belvin asks K.C. to be his date for the gala costume party at Arnold's.

#220- There's No Business Like No Business (12/7/82)
A new hardware store at a new mall threatens Howard's store.

#221- All I Want for Christmas (12/14/82)
When Heather asks Santa to patch up the rift between her mother and her grandparents, Fonzie decides to make her wish come true.

#222- Since I Don't Have You (12/27/82)
A beautiful blonde who has done Roger wrong since childhood is on the rebound from a failed relationship, and Roger is helpless to resist.

#223- Hello, Pfisters (1/4/83)
The long-awaited reunion between Ashley and her parents collapses after Ashley bolsters her courage with too much champagne.

#224- I Drink, Therefore I Am (1/11/83)
Flip and his friends run down Heather after they have been drinking.

#225- Prisoner of Love (1/18/83)
Fonzie hires a new mechanic who is a convict who steals K.C.'s heart.

#226- Life is More Important Than Show Business (1/25/83)
Fonzie arranges a record deal for Joanie and Chachi and the band.

#227- Nervous Romance (2/1/83)
Fonzie and Ashley recount their first date six months earlier.

#228- I'm Not at Liberty (2/8/83)
Fonzie must report to army reserve duty days before Heather's birthday, where Officer Kirk is named as his platoon leader.

#229- Wild Blue Yonder (2/15/83)
Fonzie and Roger are stranded on a mountain following the crash of their plane.

#230- May the Best Man Win (2/22/83)
Fonzie is the best man at the wedding of an old pal, but the bride-to-be creates chaos when she spots the man of her dreams--the Fonz.

#231- Babysitting (3/1/83)
Fonzie babysits for Heather while Ashley goes on a business trip.

#232- Turn Around and Your Home (3/15/83)
Joanie comes back to Milwaukee to teach, and Chachi must decide between his career and his love for Joanie.

#233- Affairs of the Heart (3/22/83)
Jenny dumps a nice guy for a sport hero who later dumps her on the night of a big party.

#234- Because It's There (9/27/83)
Fonzie tries to fulfill his old goal of conquering Suicide Hill on a motorcycle.

#235- The Ballad of Joanie and Chachi (10/4/83)
Chachi turns into a swashbuckling romantic when Joanie rejects his marriage proposal.

#236- Where the Guys Are (10/18/83)
Chachi, Roger, and Potsie try to ease the pain of Fonzie's breakup with Ashley by whisking him away to a swinging-singles resort.

#237- Welcome Home, Part 1 (10/25/83)
Richie returns from the army for a reunion.

#238- Welcome Home, Part 2 (11/1/83)
Richie and Fonzie come to blows over Richie's new career decision.

#239- Glove Story (11/8/83)
Chachi enters the city boxing championship to earn Fonzie's respect, and winds up a contender against a fearsome opponent.

#240- Vocational Education (11/22/83)
Roger becomes the principal at a tough vocational school.

#241- Arthur, Arthur (12/6/83)
Fonzie's brother who he never knew comes to visit.

#242- You Get What You Pay For (12/13/83)
Fonzie's rowdy students ruin Howard's plan to make a big killing in bathroom fixtures.

#243- Kiss Me, Teach (1/10/84)
Joanie has problems with a student when she becomes a high school teaching assistant.

#244- The People vs. The Fonz (1/17/84)
Fonzie pleads "the fifth" during a school-board hearing at which he is accused of hitting a trouble-making student.

#245- Like Mother, Like Daughter (1/24/84)
Howard is upset when Marion's old flame comes to visit.

#246- Social Studies (1/31/84)
Fonzie reveals his secrets of the "Fonzarelli Power" to Chachi, but when Chachi's initial success with women wears off, he pays a midnight visit to Joanie.

#247- So How Was Your Weekend? (6/28/84)
Marion and Joanie have a surprising confrontation with Mother Kelp.

#248- Low Notes (7/5/84)
Chachi gets a job as a ballroom dance instructor.

#249- School Dazed (7/12/84)
Joanie has her illusions shattered when she attempts to help a troubled student.

#250- Good News, Bad News (7/19/84)
Chachi decides to give up an opportunity to tour with the Beach Boys after he receives startling medical news.

#251- Fonzie's Spots (9/24/84)
Howard needs to recruit some members to the Leopard Lodge.

#252- The Spirit is Willing (4/24/84)
Fonzie meets a beautiful ghost when he buys a wrecked 1955 Chevy.

#253- Fonzie Moves Out (5/1/84)
The Cunninghams decide to sell their house, and Fonzie is shocked.

#254- Passages, Part 1 (5/8/84) (and possibly re-aired 7/12/84?)
Joanie and Chachi prepare for their wedding, and Fonzie wants to adopt an orphaned boy.

#255- Passages, Part 2 (5/8/84) (and possibly re-aired 7/12/84?)
Part two.

Note: There were actually 5 original episodes that aired after the final two-part Passages episode. The episodes that aired after Passages are: So How Was Your Weekend?, Low Notes, School Dazed, Good News Bad News, and Fonzie's Spots. I have no idea why these episodes originally aired after the final two-parter - perhaps the show was pulled from the schedule early due to low ratings and these were "left-over" episodes. If anyone knows the definitive reason, please e-mail me.

Original episode airdates are from the 1998 Happy Days (DuoCards) trading card set and were most likely obtained directly from Paramount Pictures.

Episode #'s: 1-50 / 51-100 / 101-150 / 151-200 / 201-255

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