Episode Guide:

Valerie (Season 1 / 1986) (episodes in original airdate order)

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1. Old Enough/Goddess (original airdate: 03/01/86)

As the series opens, Bob the appliance repairman provides a pretext for an introduction to the members of the Hogan family. In this episode, Valerie is upset when her sixteen-year-old son David insists on dating a woman eight years his senior.

Written by Charlie Hauck
Directed by James Burrows

Guest stars: Francine Tacker as Caroline, William Schilling as Bob, Lisa Sutton as Lisa Straub

2. The Six (03/03/86)

Valerie is shocked at David when he does not want to be seen in public with his new girlfriend Hilary.

Written by Chip Keyes & Doug Keyes
Directed by Asaad Kelada

Guest stars: Sue Ball as Hilary

3. The Wrong Stuff (03/10/86)

Willie acquires a swaggering demeanor and a foul mouth as well, thanks to his father's military buddy.

Story by Eric Cohen
Directed by Peter Baldwin

Guest stars: Gerald Gordon as Col. Skip Franklin, Carmine Caridi as Bruno, Gregory Brown as Joey Bruno

4. One of the Boys (03/17/86)

Mark attempts to change his brainy image by trying out for the school wrestling team.

Written by Jace Richdale
Directed by Asaad Kelada

Guest stars: Hardy Rawls as Coach #2, Bruce Tuthill as Coach #1, J. W. Smith as Referee, Brendon Blincoe as Mad Dog, Jamie Jamison as Hyena

5. Benefit of the Doubt (03/24/86)

Willie faces a crisis when he tires of competing for better grades with super-smart Mark.

Written by Eric Cohen
Directed by Ellen Falcon

6. Dog Day Afternoon (03/31/86)

The family is divided on whether to put their sickly old dog to sleep.

Written by Linda Marsh & Margie Peters
Directed by Asaad Kelada

Guest stars: Al Fann as Mr. Slauson

(Note: Michael mentions that he flew Murray (the dog) over Oak Park, before heading over Lake Michigan to disburse his ashes.)

7. Happy Anniversary (04/07/86)

The boys attempt to cheer up Valerie when she is alone on her wedding anniversary.

Written by Linda Marsh & Margie Peters
Directed by Asaad Kelada

[Note: This episode was postponed from 03/24/86.

Guest stars: Milt Tarver as Chuck, David Wagner as Jonathan

8. This Son for Hire (04/14/86)

Valerie panics after David gets a part-time job at the auction house she manages.

Written by Chip Keyes and Doug Keyes
Directed by Ellen Falcon

Guest stars: Carmine Caridi as Bruno, Sam Anderson as The Customer

9. Sick House (05/05/86)

Valerie plays nursemaid when Mark and Willie succumb to the flu, but when she's laid low, her unselfish attention is not reciprocated.

Written by Jace Richdale
Directed by Asaad Kelada

Guest stars: Carmine Caridi as Bruno

10. Executive Material (05/19/86)

Despite promising her family that nothing will change after a promotion, Valerie finds that a full-time work schedule leaves her little time to be a wife and mother.

Written by Chip Keyes & Doug Keyes
Directed by Jim Drake

Valerie (Season 2 / 1986-1987) (episodes in original airdate order)

11. Full Moon (09/28/86)

In the second-season opener, Valerie has a morning that proves Murphy's Law, and then gets a call from school: Mark mooned the student body while accepting his citizenship award.

Written by Judy Pioli
Directed by Jeff Chambers

Special guest star: Judith Kahan as Annie Steck
Guest stars: C. C. H. Pounder as Mrs. Davis

12. The Big Fix-Up (10/05/86)

David's dogged by depression after he's dumped by a girl he was fixed up with, while Valerie's dog-tired, thanks to nocturnal barking next door.

Teleplay by Russ Woody and Rick Mitz
Story by Russ Woody
Directed by Howard Storm

[Note: This episode has the first appearance of Edie McClurg as neighbor Mrs. Poole].

Special guest star: Edie McClurg as Mrs. Poole
Guest stars: Kristy Swanson as Linda Perkins, Bradley Gregg as Phil, Tom Hodges as Rich

13. Of Human Blondage (10/12/86)

David blackmails Willie into bondage, while a trendy new hairdresser bleaches Valerie into "blondage."

Written by Chip Keyes & Doug Keyes
Directed by Jeff Chambers

[Note: a very funny scene at the end of this episode, with "Chuck"!]

Special guest star: Judith Kahan as Annie Steck
Guest stars: Harvey Jason as Carlos, Twink Caplan as Cinnamon

14. Caught on a Hot Tin Roof (11/02/86)

The lure of a slumber party next door proves too strong for Willie and Mark, who give in to temptation and sneak a peek.

Written by Judy Pioli
Directed by Peter Baldwin

[Note: great dance scene with Valerie Harper and Jason Bateman in this episode!]

Guest stars: Paula Hoffman as Rebecca

15. Leave It to Willie (11/09/86)

After wrecking his father's car, Willie admits his mistake, but is still punished.

Written by Steven Pritzker
Directed by Peter Baldwin

Guest stars: Jadrien Steele as Max, Ken Lerner as Officer Chazin, Tom Hodges as Rich, Daniel Trent as The Father, Richard Billingsley as Bobby, Matthew Licht as Chubby

16. Dr. No (11/16/86)

Basketball hero David dreads his upcoming knee surgery, while Mark wishes that the girl who has a crush on him would cut it out.

Written by Howard Ostroff
Directed by Peter Baldwin

Guest stars: Laura Jacoby as Judy Hallin, Tom Hodges as Rich, Phyllis Applegate as Nurse, Jesse Dizon as Benny

17. One of a Kind (11/23/86)

No one is looking forward to the arrival of Valerie's caustic Aunt Josephine and, once she's there, no one is prepared for her unexpected departure.

Written by Irene Mecchi
Directed by Peter Baldwin

Special guest star: Edie McClurg as Mrs. Poole
Guest stars: Nan Martin as Aunt Josephine, John Miranda as Mr. Morelli, and Brian O Byrne as Father Rooney

18. The Roots of All Evil (11/30/86)

Relations are strained between new used-car owner David (Jason Bateman) and investors Mark and Willie, who expect to be chauffeured in return. Meanwhile, Annie's elm tree is clogging the Hogans' pipes--and threatening her friendship with Valerie.

Written by R. J. Colleary
Directed by Peter Baldwin

Guest stars: Bill Henderson as Mr. Avery

19. Small Packages (12/07/86)

On her birthday, Valerie gets just what she needs when the boys give her a new garbage disposal, and just what she doesn't need when a client who has a crush on her gives her an expensive necklace.

Written by Chip Keyes & Doug Keyes
Directed by Peter Baldwin

Guest stars: Stephen Lee as George Mobley

20. The Way We're Not (12/14/86)

Michael finds a silver lining in an airline pilots' strike: there's plenty of time to spend at home with the family-- which all too quickly has Valerie and the boys wishing he were airborn again.

Written by Laura Schrock
Directed by Howard Storm

21. Boston Tea Party (01/04/87)

Valerie is mistaken for a purse snatcher by airport security, and David misses a concert when he's forced to take care of Mrs. Poole's 4-year-old niece.

Written by Judy Pioli
Directed by Howard Storm

[Note: in this episode, Valerie Hogan reveals that her maiden name was Valerie Angela Varon (sp?), from Jersey City.]

Guest stars: Kit McDonough as Joan, Jodie Sweetin as Pamela Poole, Susan Krebs as Henderson, Tom Hodges as Rich, Leonard Turner as Kelly, Margaret Wheeler as Dorothy, Ann Convery as Woman

Note: You can view this entire episode online as well as view pictures of this episode at The Sweet Shop - Jodie Sweetin.net

22. Never on Tuesday (01/11/87)

At a self-defense class, Valerie puts Annie's arm in a sling; and David gets in trouble after he leaves the twins with a sitter to keep a date.

Written by Harriett Weiss & Patt Shea
Directed by Howard Storm

Guest stars: Casey Sander as Vince, Tom Hodges as Rich, Steve Witting as Burt

23. Wooly Bully (01/18/87)

Valerie's discomfort after a bunion operation is compounded by Mrs. Poole's relentless help. Meanwhile, David takes a sucker punch from his tutor's ex-boy friend Eric.

Written by R. J. Colleary
Directed by Howard Storm

[note: in the original broadcast, this episode has a different end-credit sequence than the others, which even includes a scene from the "Caught on a Hot Tin Roof" episode with Valerie Harper and Jason Bateman dancing!]

Guest stars: Ty Miller as Eric, Deborah Levin as Jessica, Tom Hodges as Rich

24. Bad Timing (02/08/87)

The series addresses a controversial issue--condoms for teen-agers--when David prepares for a romantic tryst, and Valerie tries to prepare her son for manhood.

Written by Chip Keyes and Doug Keyes
Directed by Howard Storm

[Notes: Jeremy Licht does not appear in this episode (perhaps due to the subject content?). This is the only syndicated episode I have seen where the original title, Valerie, survived in the opening credits. Before the original broadcast of this episode, an advisory to parents appeared stating that due to the content of the program, parents may wish to view it together with their children.]

Guest stars: Valeri Breiman as Lori, Basil Hoffman as Howard, Ann Ryerson as Charlotte

25. A Night to Remember (02/15/87)

Willie's fantasy--a date with the prettiest girl in the seventh grade--could be realized if he can just persuade Mark to make it a double date with the girl's cousin.

Written by Miklos F. Horvath
Directed by Tony Mordente

Guest stars: Lilly Moon as Jenny, Jennie Gassmann as Maryanne

26. Whose Team Is It Anyway? (02/22/87)

Valerie, the new coach of the twins' soccer team, benches Willie for laziness in practice while putting David, who wants a new car stereo, to work doing chores.

Written by Ken Kuta
Directed by Peter Baldwin

Guest stars: Alan Blumenfeld as Coach Bracco, Laura Jacoby as Judy Hallin, Scott Curtis as Leonard, Devera Marcus as Mrs. Hunzigger, Stephen Lisk as Spectator

27. Community Theatre (03/01/87)

Although she's sworn off community theater, Valerie finds herself directing Annie's play, placating overworked stagehands Michael, Willie and Mark and trying to replace a leading lady who's under the weather.

Written by Chip Keyes and Doug Keyes
Directed by Peter Baldwin

Guest stars: Kim Ulrich as Dawn, Will Jeffries as Al, Anita Keith as Mrs. Burgess, Charles Walker as Theatre Member

28. Hogan vs. Hogan (03/16/87)

When Mark's pet lizard dies while in David's care, Mark decides to haul David into small-claims court.

Written by Chip Keyes, Doug Keyes and Judy Pioli
Directed by Howard Storm

Note: This episode was postponed from 02/22/87. Valerie was now airing on Mondays.

Guest stars: James Avery as Judge, Steve Witting as Burt, J. Bill Jones as Thompson, Francis T. Perry Williams as Bailiff

29. Oedipus Wrecks (03/23/87)

David (Jason Bateman) takes his dad's new Italian sports car out for a spin to impress a young woman and wraps it around a tree. Meanwhile, the twins are feeling cooped up with chicken pox.

Written by Chip Keyes, Doug Keyes and Judy Pioli
Directed by Howard Storm

Guest stars: Dennis Haysbert as Dr. Ervin, Art Koustik as Officer Chonanian

30. Shape Up and Move Out (04/06/87)

Willie's wanton destruction of his brothers' personal belongings leads David and Mark to give him the silent treatment. Meanwhile, Valerie's dieting failures lead to an exercise in self-loathing.

Written by Chip Keyes, Doug Keyes and Judy Pioli
Directed by Peter Baldwin

31. Babes in the Woods (04/13/87)

After borrowing Mrs. Poole's camper for a trip, Valerie and the boys are stranded in the woods when thieves with a taste for all the modern conveniences take off with it.

Written by Laura Shrock and R. J. Colleary
Directed by Peter Baldwin

Guest stars: Maggie Roswell as Ranger Morris

32. The Return of Uncle Skip (05/04/87)

Valerie is less than thrilled with another visit from Michael's war buddy Skip Franklin who brings a surprise -- his new bride Darlene, who may soon become his new ex-wife.

Written by Chip Keyes & Doug Keyes
Directed by Peter Baldwin

[Historical note: Arlene Golonka and Valerie Harper were roommates in New York in the 1960s. Arlene was then appearing in the Second City improvisational troupe. She introduced Valerie to Second City, and to her first husband, Richard Schaal.]

Guest stars: Gerald Gordon as Skip Franklin, Arlene Golonka as Darlene Franklin

Valerie's Family (Season 3 / 1987-1988) (episodes in original airdate order)

33. Movin' On (9/21/87)

Sandy moves in to help raise the boys.

34. Liars and Other Strangers (09/28/87)

David allows his classmates to spread rumors that damage his date's (Lisa Wilcox) reputation.

Guest stars: Lisa Wilcox as Candice, Brandon Stewart as Nick, Steve Witting as Burt

35. Burned Out (10/05/87)

A fire in the attic forces the Hogans to seek refuge at Peter and Patty Poole's house.

36. Take My Wife, Please (10/12/87)

Willie and Mark find themselves married to two unlikely girls for a school project.

Guest star: Kellie Martin as Tracy Nash

37. You've Got to Believe (10/19/87)

After witnessing a teacher's heart attack, David becomes a changed person.

38. A Room With No View (11/02/87)

David locks a friend in a closet to prevent him from driving home drunk.

39. You Bet Your Life (11/09/87)

David gets gambling fever and becomes deeply in debt to a bookie.

40. School of Hard Knocks (11/16/87)

Mark takes classes with his older brother, David.

Guest stars: Jacklyn Williams as Janet, Micah Grant as Ralph

41. Nightmare on Oak Street (11/23/87)

A slasher film causes the twins nightmares.

42. Poetic Injustice (12/16/87)

Willie plagiarizes a poem to impress a teacher.

Note: The show was now airing on Wednesdays.

Guest star: Sal Viscuso as Mr. Cameron

43. Love with the Proper Hogan (12/28/87)

A bouquet convinces Sandy a co-worker admires her.

44. Faulty Attraction (01/04/88)

A visit from Sandy's husband reignites old tensions.

Note: This episode was postponed from 11/30/87. Guest stars: Steve Vinovich (Sandy's ex-husband), Don Bovingloh as Ted

45. Teacher's Pet (01/11/88)

Sandy catches David dating his chemistry teacher.

46. Mother Poole's Visit (01/18/88)

Mrs. Poole ejects her hypercritical mother-in-law.

47. Mark and Willie's Day Off (01/25/88)

Mark cuts class with Willie, then is caught.

48. A Restaurant Named Desire (02/15/88)

Waited David makes a date with the boss's girlfriend.

Guest stars: Karla Tamburelli, Peter Iacangelo as Pete

49. The King and I (02/22/88)

David has the house to himself for a date.

50. Skip III: The Bailout (03/07/88)

Uncle Skip takes Michael and David flying.

51. Help Wanted (03/14/88)

The boys find themselves cleaning up after the family's newly hired housekeeper.

52. 48 Hours (03/21/88)

While Michael and David are away, the twins sneak a peek at an X-rated videotape.

53. Close Encounters (05/02/88)

Michael is teased by friends and family after he reports seeing a UFO.

The Hogan Family (Season 4 / 1988-1989) (episodes in original airdate order)

54. Animal House (10/03/88)

David tries to gain instant popularity by stealing his college's mascot.

Guest star: John Shearin as Jeffrey Patton

55. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (10/10/88)

As a practical joke, Willie and Mark convince David he is going bald.

56. Dad's First Date (10/17/88)

Michael's nervousness nearly ruins his first date since his wife's death.

57. Foiled Again (11/14/88)

Burt challenges David to a duel after learning that David is dating his girlfriend.

58. Save Baby Mark (11/21/88)

Mark gets stuck in the chimney.

Guest stars: Anne Haney as Aunt Mildred and Andrew Amador as Chuck Titleman

59. Saturday Night Feverish (11/28/88)

The Hogans gives a party in order to give to Mark the opportunity to become acquainted with Stephanie, but Mark's shyness drives almost all into insanity.

Guest star: Melissa Clayton as Stephanie

60. Tobacco Road (12/05/88)

Sandy lectures Willie on the dangers of smoking, and begins a short time later smoking herself.

Guest star: John C. Anders as Frank Simpson

61. The Big Sleep (12/12/88)

Sandy has trouble staying awake during a talk-show appearance.

62. Secretarial Poole (01/09/89)

Mrs. Poole substitutes for Sandy's secretary.

63. Strangers on a Train (01/16/89)

Willie and Mark sneak out to an inner-city vigil honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

64. The Naked Truth (01/23/89)

While on a class trip, Willie and Mark happen upon a nude portrait of Sandy.

65. Rebel With a Cause (02/13/89)

Mark decides to modify its life radically and wants to be just as cool as his brother Willie who goes to parties.

66. Boy Meets Girl (Part 1) (02/20/89)

David is attracted to a girl (Stacy Edwards) he can't seem to get along with.

66. Boy Loses Girl (Part 2) (02/27/89)

David proposes to Sara (Stacy Edwards), who has just been invited to study abroad.

68. Viva Las Vegas (03/06/89)

While in Las Vegas, David and his friends are jailed for underage gambling.

69. Double Date (03/13/89)

Michael and Sandy agree to double-date with each other's friends.

70. The Long Goodbye (03/20/89)

David moves in with his friends Burt and Rich.

71. Oh Dad, Poor Dad (03/27/89)

Michael doesn't want to celebrate his 40th birthday.

72. Slapshot (04/03/89)

David injures a hockey opponent.

73. Private Lessons (04/23/89)

Willie's girlfriends falls for math tutor Mark.

Note: This episode aired on a Sunday.

74. Coming to America (05/01/89?)

David falls for Sandy's Italian house guest.

The Hogan Family (Season 5 / 1989-1990) (episodes in original airdate order)

75. Paris (Part 1) (09/18/89)

While on vacation in Paris with the family, David romances a princess (Alexandra Powers).

76. Paris (Part 2) (09/25/89)

David's romancing of a princess draws close scrutiny from her government.

77. Paris (Part 3) (10/02/89)

David learns that the woman he has been courting is actually a princess.

78. The Tracks of My Tears (10/09/89)

David trains runner Willie for an important meet.

79. The Rivals (10/16/89)

The twins war over a girl.

80. License to Drive (10/23/89)

Mark crashes the examiner's car when he takes his driving test.

81. The Hospital (11/06/89)

A resentful David blames Burt for their accident during their homecoming parade.

82. Get a Job (11/13/89)

Mark doesn't appreciate Willie's lack of dedication to their new fast-food jobs.

83. Stir Crazy (11/20/89)

Aspiring TV producer David casts Mrs. Poole in a cable cooking show.

84. Educating Rita (11/27/89)

Sandy prompted by her wild friend Rita (Cristine Rose), goes to a singles bar.

Guest stars: Cristine Rose as Rita, Don Mirault as Larry

85. Stan and Deliver (12/04/89)

The twins' biology teacher (Mark Linn-Baker) visits.

Notes: This episode was postponted from 10/23/89. It was originally made for the 4th season.

86. Sandy in Love (12/11/89)

A hesitant Sandy dates a dentist who is separated from his wife.

87. Snowbound (01/08/90)

A snowstorm forces Sandy's visiting parents (Gretchen Wyler, Robert Rockwell) to stay a little longer.

88. Bad Day at Bossy Burger (01/15/90)

The school bully wants Mark to write a paper for him.

89. The Franklin Family (01/22/90)

Sandy and the boys try to help unfortunate Uncle Skip (Gerald Gordon) impress a successful Air Force rival.

90. Forget Me Not (01/29/90)

A bump on the head gives Sandy amnesia.

91. Heartburn (02/05/90)

David, smitten with a young woman (Lisa Rinna), develops cold feet when she agrees to go out with him.

92. The Go-Between (02/19/90)

Mark resents ghotstwriting Willie's love letters.

93. Used Car (02/26/90)

Mark and Willie buy David's old clunker.

94. Mutiny on the Bossy (03/05/90)

Mark's fast-food managing style at Bossy Burger sparks a mutiny led by Willie.

95. Crimes and Misdemeanors (03/12/90)

David thinks the next-door neighbor is a criminal; Willie cheats on a test.

Guest stars: Bruce French, F.J. O'Neill as Mr. Norris

96. A Matter of Principal (03/19/90)

David mails Sandy's nasty letter to the principal (Jon Cypher) -- a letter she later regrets writing.

Guest star: Jon Cypher as Mr. Graham

97. Prom, Lies and Videotape (05/07/90)

Willie is stymied by his girlfriend's (Angela Lee) decision not to attend the prom with him.

The Hogan Family (Season 6 / 1990-1991 - moves to CBS from NBC) (episodes in original airdate order)

98. California Dreamin' (Part 1) (09/15/90)

The family travels to Los Angeles to check on Sandy and Michael's recently divorced father (John Hillerman).

99. California Dreamin' (Part 2) (09/22/90)

The Hogans fear Grandpa (John Hillerman) is lost at sea when he and his boat are missing after a storm.

100. The Baby Stops Here (09/29/90)

When baby sitter Sandy has to work, the boys take turns caring for Mrs. Poole's infant niece.

101. The Play's the Thing (10/13/90)

The twins are at odds when Willie is cast in the school play opposite Mark's girlfriend (Josie Bissett).

102. From Russia With Fries (10/27/90)

Sandy and Mrs. Poole are left in charge of visiting Russian dignitaries at Bossy Burger.

103. Ex Marks the Spot (11/03/90)

Sandy discovers that her ex-husband (Steve Vinovich) is remarrying, and David is best man.

104. Come Fly With Me (11/10/90)

In order to impress to women, David borrows his father's pilots' uniform.

105. It Happened One Night...Or Did It? (11/17/90)

Marks and his girl friend Cara fall asleep while studying and spend the whole night in his bed.

106. The Best of Friends, Worst of Times (12/01/90)

David does a documentary film on the last months of his friend Rich who has AIDS.

107. A Sneaking Suspicion (07/10/91)

Mrs. Poole falls in love with Sandy's friend and neighbor Phil Morton.

Notes: The show aired on a Wednesday, it ws postponted from 07/03/91.

108. A Family Affair (07/17/91)

The Hogans take care of their neighbor's Doberman dog.

109. Isn't It Romantic (07/20/91)

Willie has arguments with his girlfriend Brenda and looks for comfort with his old flame Melissa but he only makes things worse. Grandfather Lloyd looks forward to a meeting with his young love Betty.

110. Ho, Ho, Hogans (07/20/91)

While the family suffers from pre-Christmas stress, David becomes a department store Santa.

Special thanks to Richard Mains for his work in compiling the details for the first 32 episodes of this guide. Special thanks to Brandon Oechsner and Ed Viveiros for providing the original airdates.

Also see The Hogan Family Episode Guide at TV.com

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