Cast information: 

Valerie cast

Valerie Harper as Valerie Hogan (1986-1987)

Sandy Duncan as Sandy Hogan (1987-1991)

Jason Bateman as David Hogan (age 16)

Danny Ponce as Willie Hogan (age 12)

Jeremy Licht as Mark Hogan (age 12)

Josh Taylor as Michael Hogan

Christina Ebersole as Barbara Goodwin (1986)

Judith Kahan as Annie Steck (1986-1987)

Edie McClurg as Mrs. Patty Poole

Willard Scott as Peter Poole (1987-1989, occasional)

Tom Hodges as Rich (1986-1989, occasional)

Steve Witting as Burt (1987-1991, occasional)

Josie Bissett as Cara (1990-1991, occasional)

Angela Lee as Brenda (1990-1991, occasional)

John Hillerman as Lloyd Hogan (1990-1991)

Notable Guests:

Elizabeth Ashley (episode: California Dreamin')
Susan Brown....(1989)
Todd Walter Conklin
Arelene Darlene Franklin (episode: The Return of Uncle Skip)
Gerald Uncle Skip (several episodes)
François Guétary
Bill Mr. Avery (episode: The Roots of All Evil)
Elizabeth TV actress (1989)
Tammy Lisa
Ken Officer Chazin (episode: Leave It to Willie)
Mark Linn-Baker....(episode: Stan and Deliver)
Alexandra Powers....(episodes: Paris parts 1-3)
Betsy Donna Umstead (episode: Ho, Ho Hogans)
Lisa Annie, David's girlfriend (episode: Heartburn)
Jennifer Runyon....(episode: Foiled Again)
Jocelyn Seagrave
Julie St. Claire
Kristy Linda Perkins (episode: The Big Fix-Up)
Jodie Sweetin Pamela Poole (episode: Boston Tea Party)
Lisa Wilcox....(episode: Liars and Other Strangers)

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