Dana Plato in 'Night Trap'

(The Interactive Movie)


Featuring DANA PLATO 

Cut 1 from Night Trap

A mysterious house, vanished people, strange figures of black dressed and beautiful females teenagers group all alone in the Martin's Mansion...

Is or isn't it a perfect plot for Halloween 99 the Revenge???

Instead we are in front of one of the first digital tentative to transpose a typical Friday evening action TV movie featuring a lot of young and attractive girls in the hand of a command of mysterious kidnappers (Fortunately NO Lorenzo Lamas!).

We have to play with a product very far from advanced interactive product like "WING COMMANDER IV™" or "PHANTASMAGORIA™", but think that it was programmed in 1993 firstly on the not so unforgettable Sega CD, and that it comes after the discutible "Sewer Shark™" (and who can't remember it?)... we can forgive it's faults and consider it's merits:

The plot is very simple. You, as a member of S.C.A.T. (Sega Control Attack Team) (sigh...), have to investigate about five missing persons in Martin's Mansion ("bye mum! I'm going in the hobby room to finish the construction of my Deep Space 9 model..." ZZZAAAPP! "Bob! BOb! BOOOB!" And Bob was disappeared... ).

To do Your job (that remember! It's dirt... but someone has to done it!), the S.C.A.T. gives you a:

No, not really... It looks more like... a joypad... BUT... IT'S A JOYPAD!!!

And with it you could switch between various videocameras, that like in all the house of this world, are placed in every room of the Mansion (probably we have discovered the secret hobby of Mr. Martin...).

When one of the kidnappers appear in a monitorized room you could activate a trap, with a very mysterious and random generated sequence of colors (a little frustrating job)... et voilá!

Dana Plato appears in various full motion video sequences, that like in all this kind of games, starting from "Dragon's Lair™", are guided by the event that you, has the player, make happen in the course of the game.

We haven't forgot that the choice of Dana Plato to appear in a interactive experience like Night Trap™ was the bridge between Hollywood and the Videogames world, infact actors like:
  • Mark Hamill;
  • Cristopher Walken;
  • Dennis Hopper;
  • Grace Jones;
  • etc...

followed her way acting in productions more and more sophisticated and expensive.

Cut 2 from Night Trap


By the way...

Thanks Digital Pictures...

and thank to you... DANA PLATO!


REVIEWED BY Jun Nakayama


Night Trap™ is surely avalaible on MAC and Sega CD format, I will appreciate if someone will told me about other format and/or where to buy the PC version. (webmaster note: The game has been released in an unedited director's cut for the PC)

Dana Plato in Night Trap

Special thanks to Jun Nakayama of Bolzano, Italy for this review and the images!

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