Fan Fiction

Simpson Speeds

Nell- Hey ya Joey where you been

Joey- Out at the playground why

Nell- And where is little Matty

Joey- He's!

Nell- You left him at the playground

Joey- I dont know Nell as all I know I saw a beautiful girl and the next I was
hiding from her

Nell- What...My baby's a chicken

Joey- Aunt Nell

Nell- Come on Joey lets get to that playground

Joey- Why

Nell- First to get your brother and second to get a date

Joey- Aunt Nell.....wooooooooo(he is taken by Nell by the collar as they
scamper to the door)


Nell- I am very dispointed in you Joey

Joey- Aunt Nell

Nell- Matty go to your room ok

Matthew- Ok aunt Nell

Nell- Joey I am so ashamed of you

Joey-but aunt Nell

Nell- No buts about it Joey I stuck you in front of her face and you closed
your eyes

Joey- Thats because she sits in the front row in my school and looks at ne a
lot and I'm shy of her

Nell- Oh Joey little casanova aren't we

Joey- Aunt Nell

Addy- Whats all of the racass going on

Nell- My Joey is a little casanova

Addy- Is not

Nell- Is to

Addy- Is not

Nell- Is to, to, to

Addy- You should never use a word to go after the same crow magnon

Nell- Oh shut up Addy , now lets get dinner ready Iv'e invited Simpson and
Patti over for dinner tonight

Addy- Great idea

Sam- Nell

Nell- Ya Sam

Sam- Why hasn't Simpson and Pati showed up yet, are they late

Nell- I dont know Sam but if you want to start without them go ahead

Sam- Thanks Nell

Grandpa- Oh Nell dinners ready, where is Simpson and Patti

Nell- I dont know grandpa maybe we'd better start without them and then we'll
find out what was wrong when they get here

Grandpa- Good idea

Simpson(opens the door and starts to cry)

Nell- Simoson whats wrong why are you late we were gonna start without you

Simpson- I got a ticket for speeding(he cries some more)


Nell- Oh come on in, come on in Simpson, hi Patti

Patti- Hi Nell

Nell- Simpson it's ok sit down

Simpson- oh thank you Ne-e-e-e-e-l(cries and blows his nose)

Nell- Well Patti why did Simpson get a ticket

Patti- Because he was going 60 on a 50 mile zone

Simpson(cries some more) and the officer who gave me a ticket is my best

Patti- thats right captain leuchasi

Simpson(cries some more

Nell- Thats ok we all got speeding tickets, hell I got one the day I came back
to Glenlawn

Addy- You know I got one two days ago

Sam- Ya I got one last week

Nell- You see everyone gets them all of the time 

Simpson- So but it was my first on(cries some more)

Nell- Oh , Oh I see ok Simpson just relax, just relax

Simpson- Oh thank you nell(blows his nose again)

Nell- Say Simpson

Simpson- Ya

Nell- How bout if I stop make you cry huh, how about you sit on my lap and I
sing you a song my mama always sung to me when I was little ansd what I sung
to sam a couple of years ago when she thought the world was going to end

Simpson- The world ended for me today Nell(cries some more)

Nell- Ok , Ok sit on my lap, Ooooooooooh, ok there you go(looks down in a
wierd voice saying I feel like a fool but wants to help Simpson........she
then sings a song to him and then he cries some more )why are you crying

Simpson- Because when you said Jesus watches over me..... HE wasnt tonight

Nell- No Simpson, Simpson he was..........he...........he

Simpson(goes into the bathroom and slams the door)


Nell- Please come out Simpsonb ok , Please

Patti- Ya Simpson come on out ok

Nell- Come out Simpson we want to talk ok

Sam- Nell face it he's been in there over an hour maybe he went out the window
like I did many years ago when I stole daddy's squad car

Nell- ya but he's too big to fit through the window...Simpson please cme out
please please(she starts to cry) Iv'e tried everything to stop making you cry
please I dont want to see you live like this I(asshe looks down sobbering over
nothing Simpson comes out and smiles down at nell) Simpson

Simpson- Nell! April fool's

Nell- April fools.....Oh April fools Oh my God I didn't even know that come
over here you awful great fooler let's hug, yaaaaaaaaa(she hugs Simpson and he
hugs her and they smile as everyone watches around them and smiles and the
scene freezes)