Fan Fiction

It's Christmas Time Again

Nell- Oh I'm so happy Joey

Joey- Why aunt Nell

Nell- Well Because christmas is in 1 day

Joey- So 

Nell- So do you have any spirit this year

Joey- Look aunt Nell there is no santa ok

Nell- Yes there is

Joey- Leave me alone aunt nell I'm tired

Nell- Oh Jey You'd just better be there when we do our favorite all-time
favorite reminicing about the past

Joey Aunt Nell

Nell- Joey your going to the christmas get together reunion whether you like
it  or not


Nell- Oh hi Simpson, hi Patti so glad you could make it

Patti- Thanks

Simpson- Thak ya Nell

Nell- No problem

Julie- Hi Nell

Jonathan- Hi Nell

Katie- Hi Nell

Nell- oh hi how do you all like your new closer to home homes

Katie- Oh I love mine .Oh it's gorgeous, It has a view of the park, and I can
se hJoey when he comes to visit me everyday with Matthew

Nell- Speaking of Joey get into the christmas spirit

Joey- Aunt Nell

Matthew- Aunt Nell do you Joey is sick

Nell-Ya Sick in the head that is

Julie- Well our home is great Nell It's a 1 family just like this house. 2 car
gararage, 3.5 baths, and we also bought a new car

Nell- Oh that was wonderful 

Jonathan- ya we got the money after my grandmother died and left all of her
300,000 dollar will to us

Nell- Oh I'd be happy if I can dance bring me there right now

Julie- nell the house is not finished yet

Jonathan- ya it 's gonna be all re-carpeted, re tiled, re-furnished, re
-wallpapered, re-painted, and we are getting over 10,000 in new thins for the
house, includong a new big screen tv, a pooltable room, and a built in
swimming pool right out in our own backyard

Nell- Praise the lord my prayrs have been answered

Addy- Wow girls you never told me about any of this

Grandpa- What are you telling them they never told me

Addy- Well your right grandpa

Grandpa- Hey I may be old but I am always right

Nell- come on guys I'll make us a snack and then we can recall the past

Addy- Ya good idea


Sam- Oh hi Nell Sorry that I'm late, Jcpenny didn't close till 7 and good
thing I made it here by 8

Nell- Thats ok sam your just in time

Sam- in time for what

Nell- Recalling the past

Joey- Nell

Nell- Joey I love the past and ont start weith the santa thing, yo uncle marty
aint with us no mo and he never will be again

Joey- Ya I know that aunt Nell butthe recalling the past it , its boring

Nell- Now come on everybody lets recall the past

Julie- Ok , OK

Katie- Ya lets do so Nell

Sam- Great Idea

Jonathan- Lets go for it

Nell- Ok I remember my all time favorite moment in this house, It was full of
a sad moment, and a happy moment, and it brings back a couple of tears to my
eyes......rememberwhen your aunt blanch cmae to take you girls away from me
and your father

((((((((((((((((they relcall that memory about for 3 minutes)))))))))))))))))

Sam- And Nell I can recall a moment that had all of that sorrow and ain in
it......Remember when You wouldn't make me go caming and I painted Joey in
blackface to get you back

((((((((((((they relcall that moment for about 3 minutes)))))))))))))))))))))

Nell- Oh how do iI remember that moment, Samanthat that was the most painful
moment of my life

Joey- Please aunt Nell Ok

Nell I have a momement actually a few that sums everything together

((((((((((((((((((they recall the memories of julies birthday, Joey's train,
and katies korner for about 8 minutes)))))))))

Joey- Please aunt Nell thats enough

Nell- Joey christmas is a time fir fun ok not for this sorrow

Sam- Oh speaking of fun Nell I can recall 4 christmas' ago

(((((((((((they recall 4 christmas' ago for about 1 minute))))))))))))))))))))

Nell- Joey whats worng, whay are you crying hun

Joey-Leave me alone


Nell- Joey what is it whats wrong

Joey- I made up being tired and rubbing my eyes is because I'm sadon recalling
when the chief was here and I misshim so much aunt Nell

Nell- Oh suga e all do ok now if your sad you can go to your room, or draw a
picture, or sing a song, how about that how about a song

Joey- Great  ! How about....Jingle bells!

Nell- You got it

(((((((((grandpa plays the piano and everyone gathers around it to sing jingle
bells and all of a sudden Nell begins to sing silet night as the cheif always
diod and everyine looks and smiles and then they continue to sing and Nell
looks up and smiles andthe scene fades into a redbackground with green ivy
aroungd it saying  from all of from gimme a break! have a wonderful holiday
1987 season and a happy 1988 new year))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Three Months From Tonight On Gimme A Break!

((((((((((everyone knows Simpson is a good man)))))))

Simpson- Hi ya Nell

(((((((((everyone knows he is loving and kind))))))))))))))))))))

Simpson- Ooooooooooooooooh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

((((((((but the one thing that they dont

Simpson(opens the door and starts crying)))))))))))))))

((((((((((((((((is how fast he drives?))))))))))))))))))))))))

Simpson- I got a Ticket  for speeding Nell(cries some more)