Fan Fiction

The Sam Scam

Nell- Um Sam where do you tghink you are going

Sam- Nell Out ok

Nell- Are you going out on a date

Sam- No Nell

Nell- Samantha everytime you say no you are always dressed up like that

Sam- So

Nell-So nothing

Addy- Ok Nell whats going on now whith the two of you

Nell- Shes going on a hot to trot date again

Addy- Oh Nell

Sam- Addy Tell Nell she's lost it I'm out of here

Nell- No , no you dont, young lady get back here, young lady, and dont slam

Addy- Oh Nell what do you think a 19 year old girl is doing everydy dressed
like that

Nell- Going out with men!

Addy- So

Nell- So we are going out and tracking her down and seeing what she is really
up to

Addy- Nell...Nell you dont suppose ........(they struggle by Addy pulling
herself to the couch and Nell pulling her up to help trachk down Sam with her)


Addy- Ok Nell now what

Nell- Well we'll just see where shes's walking to thats all

Addy- You know this is really sick Nell

Nell- Oh darling you'd better believe it

Addy- I just think we should turn around and head back home

Nell- Oh Addy please

Addy- Oh please yourself

Nell- Oh there she goes sh''es taking that corner

Addy- Nell what is wrong with you tracking down a poor inocent girl

Nell- Your damn right she's poor and inocent I got all of her winnings

Addy - Oh Nell

Nell- Oh Addy Please ok ever since we've been driving it's been oh Nell and
Nell how could you and Nell this and Nell that and.....

Addy- Oh honey put a sock in it

Nell- Oh God there she goes , she's going into the mall

Addy- So

Nell- So we'd better follow her lets go(she parks the car and they fastly get
out f the car and slam the doors and race towards the mall)


Nell- Look there she goes ..shes off to the make -up store

Addy- Oh Nell like I said before lets just turn around and go back

Nell- Now Addy we've come a long way haven't we.......dont stop yet(she snaps
at her)

Addy- Yes your royal hiness

Simpson- Oh hi ya Nell

Nell- Oh hi Simpson

Patti- Hi Nell Hi Addy

Nell- Hi Patti

Addy- Hi Patti

Patti- What brings you guys here

Nell- Shoping

Addy- Nell!

Nell- Ok tracking down a child

Simpson- Oh Nell you never stop do you

Patti- I know neither do you Simpson if you know what I mean

Nell- Well ok guys we'll see you later

Patti- Bye

Simpson- Bye


Nell- Bye

Addy- Nell lets go

Nell- Not yet!....Ohhhh my God look over there its Sam and she's talking to
some boys...Oh now I'm gonna kill her she's gonna pray that she was never
born(trudges dow the mall and Addy follows in a weird face imitating mad Nell

Nell- Well young lady look whose here

Sam- Nell!

Nell- Oooooooooh Get home(snaps at her as the group of boys laugh as nell
drags her by the ears out of the mall and Addy follows with a snoby face
imitating Nell


Nell- Ok am I want some explaining to do after dinner right bnow go to your

Sam- I go where I want

Nell- No you  get something straight your maman is dead and  I de boss now I
de mama you know get on up

Joey- Aunt Nell

Nell- Yes Joey

Joey- Can I go to the park with Matthew

Matthew- Ya aunt nell It's still nice and light out and we've finished all of
our homework

Nell- Well...well I suppose so...But just as long as your home in time for

Matthew- We will thanks

Joey- Ya thanks aunt Nell

Grandpa- Oh Nell Wer've you been all day

Nell- Tracking down a tramp

Grandpa- Well Nell I hate to bother but I'd better be going

Nell- What for

Grandpa- I have a chess tournament at the school

Nell- Oh is it mixed ages now

Grandpa- No cenior citizns because they're re re-venerating the center

Nell- Well You have a good time

Grandpa- If i win the bet with my friend for a night with hilda Moris if I win
I will

Nell- Bye

Grandpa- Bye

Nell- Sam

Sam- Yes

Nell- I want to talk to you

Sam- Ok

Nell- Now Sam Dont leave me like that anymore ok yu make me worried baby

Sam- I'm sorry Nell

Nell- So why were you hanging out with those boys

Sam- Well they are just some of my friends from college and I hardly even talk
much in college, I only go out to get away from you and the house it is so

Nell- Well I'm sorry baby I'm gonna try to be more understanding from now on
with you ok

Sam- Ok

Nell- Come on over here and give your nell a hug ya(they hug) ya(the scene


Next Week On Gimme A Break!

Nell- Oh Addy can you believe it it's christmas again

Addy- Ya Iv'e got the tree ready and everything

Nell- Oh Sam get the cookies ready for the family when they come over Ohhhh
it's gonna be so much fun looking back into the past like we did two
christmas' ago when all of the family was here