Fan Fiction

Vikki's Game

George- Oh I'll be going now Nell

Nell- bye

James- Bye honey

Nell- Bye-bye

Addy- Did they leave already

Nell- Yup

Addy- Well Im off to the gym

Nell- Bye

Addy- Bye

Sam- I cant take it anymroe...This house is too small and your always 
thinking I want to work to get away from you

Chris- Sure Sam whatever

Sam- I'm leaving....We're separating

Vikki- What......No

Nell- Hey, Hey this is not a good sign.You have a child to raise

Sam- Nell this has all gone too far the two of us are getting seprate 
apartments and then we're getting a divorce

Vikki-Oh no

Nell- Baby

Vikki- Leave me alone

Nell- Hey...I 've got a great Idea on how you can stay in this house and get 
your parents back together

Vikki- how

Nell-Listen her.........

Vikki- Hi Mom

Sam- hi

Chris- Hi Nell

Nell- Hi

Vikki- Um mom lets go out for treat

Nell- Come on baby lets get something to eat ok

Chris- Well...ok

Sam- Oh no it was a trick wasnt it

Chris- This is all your fault nell

Vikki- Come on Nell

Nell- Ok baby

Sam- Hi

Chris- Hi

Sam- We we may as well order

Chrsi- Ya

Sam- Hey do you realize that we met almost 9 years ago in a retaurant like 

Chris- Ya....Nell's diner....the biggest and the best cooking....and 
managers(they laugh)

Sam- I'm sorry

Chris- So am I(they kiss)

Nell and Vikki(look at the two from far away and are happy)


Nell- So Sam are you and Chris deciding to stay

Sam- Yup

Chris- Sure we ae

Vikki- Yay

Sam- Oh Here Vikki......It's your birthday next week and we got you something 
you've always wanted

Vikki- A dog!!! I'll name him fred

Nell- Oh just what I need another person in the house

Sam-think of it as another kid

Nell- Oh Please Sam

Addy- Oh my God

Nell- Hey Addy...Your home

Addy- Ya...But do you see what I see on the front lawn

Nell- Mama

Mama- Hello Nell.........I'm here and home to stay(she smiles and everyone 
smiles at her)

Nell- Well.....what more could we expect!(everyone laughs)