Fan Fiction

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Vikki- Nell Where's mom

Nell- Oh She's at work, but don't worry this job is only from 9 to 4 so 
she'll be home by dinner

Vikki- Oh

Nell- Whats wrong

Vikki- All the kids in school say I have no body

Nell- What?

Vikki- I mean Why is it that every girl in school has big one's and I dont

Nell- Honey, let's not talk about that now

Vikki- But why

Nell- Ok...You were about the age that your mom was before so lets go

Addy- Hi Nell

Nell- Not now Addy......cant you see we have buisness to discuss

Chris- Hi Nell

Nell- Chris! Ok quit it! I want to be alone with your daughter and teach her 
the facts of life

Chris- Then let her watch the facts of life

Nell- The facts of life is for alughs, this is for life

Chris- WHatever Nell...I'm going to fix myself a sandwich

Nell- Ok that we are all alone I........

James- Can you believe that case yeatarday

George- Ya ...I'm glad we won it before the bad man did

James- Quite right

Nell- Get out

James- nell

Goerge- nell be calm

Nell- DO I look calm! I need privacy

Addy- Well go ahead.....go to the bathroom, we wont look

Nell- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Angie- Hoi

Nell- Angie listen, I want to teach vikki the facts of life ok, so can you 
all leavwe

Geoge- Ok Nell..Bye

James- Bye darling

Addy- bye nell

Nell- bye-Bye

Angie- Hoi

Nell- Angie

Angie- Ya

Nell- Ouuuuuuut

Angie- Boi

Nell- Oh alone at last

Sam- Hi guys

Nell- Good thing we just finished our talk before you walked through the door 

Sam- Why

Nell- Oh I just taught Vikki the facts of life

Sam- Oh Nell She already foud out about them from me......In the series 
diff'rent stokes the spiinoff was about girls and their school and........

Nell- Not that............this(she shows Samantha the book)

Sam- Oh Nell she'll never know..........Um Vikki

Vikki- Ya Mom'

Sam- That book is about ploish imigrants coming to america

Vikki- Oh

Nell- You little sneaker

Sam- hey If it worked for daddy years ago it'll work for me

Nell (Looks at the book and is shocked) Oh God I think she may be right