Fan Fiction

Mama Mia!

Nell- Oh Addy I cant believe that all of these bills keep coming in like this

Addy- Oh calm yourself hoeny you know you and I should get ourselves a
membership to the health club

Nell- Do you think that I want to pend hours burning off fat that I worked
very hard to get I dont think so

Addy- Oh come on girl

Nell- Oh Addy all of these bills before you know it we'll be broke

Joey- Aunt Nell

Nell- Yes Joey

Joey- I'm all done my homework is it ok if I can go to the playground

Nell- Sure thing kiddo

Matthew- And me too aunt Nell

Nell- Yes Matthew you too

Sam- See ya Nell

Nell- hoooooooooooooo! wait a minute you all dressed up like that say you are
walking the streets

Sam- I'm going on a date Nell

Nell- A date ioh thats nice

Sam- Nell Ive been going on daates for the past month we've been back

Nell- Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha oh your so , so , so, so, so-ooooo funny

Sam- Nell I have no time for that laugh anymore

Nell- am wait baby I.....

Addy- Uh-huh and you dont want to loose that weight you put on

Nell- She slamed the door on me...I'm gonna kill her.....Sam get back
here(phne rings) Hell? Oh hi Loretta how've you been......Oh no

Addy- Is something wrong

Nell- Shhhhh! Your broke oh my God

Addy- Ne-ell

Nell- Shhh baby please..Oh I'm so sorry for you, ok, ok I'll call you later,
bye bye

Addy- Whats wrong

Nell- Addy my sisters brokr(she cries and addy consoles her by giving her a


Nell- Oh Addy what am I to do

Addy- Well got o Denver and see how things are going

Nell- It was so stupid of howard to get fired from that radio station.....Hey
yo're right

Mama- Oh Nell!

Nell- Ohhhhhhhhh mama

Mama- I knew Lorretta wouldn't of came here you cheap snob

Nell- Mama!

Mama- You disgrace the family thats what

Nell- Mama I was on my way over to see her

Mama- You know what Nell

Nell-What Mama

Mama- I am moving into this house

Nell- (feints)

Addy- Nell(tries to revive her)

Nell- Uhhhh Ohhhhhh get back to that moving in part

Mama- Ooooooh your a discrace to me and the entire family, now it's either you
make Loretta move in and you support her by giving her some of that money you
won and I stay out of your life

Nell- But Mama thats blackmail

Mama- whether you like it or not mama alway knows best ok

Nell- Yes Mama

Grandpa- Oh Maybell back from New york so soon

Mama-Yes and I plan on keeping it that way Stanley if you dont mind

Nell- Mama I'll do the best I can to invite Loretta here but what if she

Mama- Then I will at least take the thought that you had the heart to help
your sister in need who always helped you

Nell- Ya right

Mama- What was that Nell

Nell- Oh -uh-nothing


Nell- Hi ya listen I was thinking , how about me, and you, and
Jerome, and Howard all share my house together in ......Ok, Ok , Ok , ok I
see, Ok , ok , ok, bye

Mama- Well what did she say

Nell- She said your giving me a headache

Mama- Na Nell what did she really say

Nell- She said she'd think about it

Mama- Well that doesnt mean that I caant live in Glenlawn where I can visit my
Nell every ten minutes a day does it?

Nell- NO mama go right ahead, My door's always open for you to Well Nell in!

Mama- Thank you Nell, Have a goodnight

Nell- Bye Mama

Mama- Bye

Simpson- Oh hi Ya Nell

Patti- Hi Nell

Nell- Oh Hi Simpson hi Patti where are you guys off to

Patti- We're off to see Parent hood at the movies

Nell- Well you'll need the practice someday

(they laugh)

Patti- Well we just wanted to drop by and say hi 

Simpson- Ya we'll see ya Nell

Nell- Bye

Patti- Bye

Simpson- Bye

Nell- What nice friends

Addy- Ya you know I'm really glad we're back here

Nell- Ya and now withthe deakl with mama its heaven from here on up

Mama- I knew yu tricked me..........You cheat!

Nell(stares in shock at mama looking angry at her in the door)


Nell- Mama what is it now?

Mama- I knew that loretta would leave Howard

Nell- What

Mama- She left Howard because he left the radio Station

Nell- You know what Mama this is you at your best you know. Fist the gun, then
Loreta and Howard breaking up, then them loosing all of their money and then
them breaking up all over again you know it never ends

Mama- You know what nell I....(the phone rings)

Nell- Hello.....what! oh my god thats, thats wondrful yipppppppppe!!!

Mama- Oh hang it up

Nell- Will do Mama

Mama- And who as that and what did they want

Nell- That was Lorett a Howard bought a scratch ticket and won 1,000,000
dollars and their back together again and moving to Caslifornia to be with me.
What! oh my god no!

Mama- Looks like things turn out for the best

Nell- Mama mia !!!!!!!(she feints and Mama tries to revive her and the scene

Next Week On Gimme A Break!

Nell- Where have you been

Sam- On a date

Nell- You know what lady I dont know anything about your life anymore

Sam- Well good

Nell- Fine

Sam- Im leaving

Nell- Dont you slam the......door

Addy- What Nell

Nell- Im worried that Sam is you know into it know

Addy- Meaning

Nell- We have to follow her secretly and see what she's up to everytime she
leaves the house in a istress dress or in a grumpy mood)