Fan Fiction

Sam's Promotion

Sam- Bye Nell I have to go

Nell- hey, hey, hey, wiat a minute honey

Sam- Ya

Nell- Get back everytime I see you, you're going out that door 
and I for one cant take it anymore

Sam- Well I'ts because today......I get my promotion......Linda, my boss, is 
approving me to her firat assistant at the job

Nell-Oh , so thats why you're never home to see Vikki anymore

Sam- Nell

Chris- WHats going on

Sam- It's nell...She's jealous of my promotion

Nell- I am not

Addy- Hey , whats all the noise

George- Ya you guys just woke me up

Nell- So what

James- Oh moring honey

Nell- Oh, goodmorning, I have to go

James- What, why

Nell- See that Sam, you're always leaving

Sam- Well now with my new promotion I have to be at work almost from 9 to 7

Nell- What

Sam- Good luck at babysitting for me



Nell- Oh Addy , I just cant take it anymore with Sam

Addy- Oh Nell, It's the new millenium, Sam wasnt as busy ten years 
ago.......unless you count graduation, and rough times with the family, but 
that was about all

Nell- I know

Addy- Just take it one day at a time..ok honey

Nell- Well ..ok

Vikki- Hi Nell......Wher'es mommy

Nell- Ummmmm....shes at work

Vikki- Its no fair shes always at work

Nell-I know honey

Vikki- We have to keep her at home from now on

Nell- You said it

Vikki- So what are we gonna do

Nell- Honey we're gonna convince her for hours until she explodes and says ok 
to working 8 hours instead of 12

Vikki- You said it

Nell- Oh Hi Sam your home early......what happened......get done the cases on 

Sam- No......Everyone was let out today.......the company went bankrupt

Nell- (Smiles and turns her head)

Sam- I guess your happy

Nell- a way, but at least we can spend more time at home together

Sam- Nell, Vikki, I promise that when I get a new job I will only work during 
the time you're in school Vikki and then I will get out on time to pick you 
up so you dont have to walk home ok

Vikki- I love you mom

Nell- Mommy's back

Sam- Ya....Mommy's back