Fan Fiction

Angie's Kids


George- By hun, I'll see you tomorrow morning ok

Addy- Ok have a nice trip

Nell- Oh James...You just better wion the case

James- Dont worry homey, I'll try

Nell- Bye

James- Goodbye honey

Sam- Now you behave for Nell ok Vikki

Vikki- I will

Chris- And dont talk to any bear on the trip

Nell- Oh God I almost forgot......It's the hike for Angie's kids

Chris-Ya and We're leaving

Nell- What

Sam- Sorry Nell We do have long lives you know

Nell- So then...oh no!!!!!1 We have to shaperone her!!!!!!1

Addy- Ohhhhhh Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Angie- Hoi

Nell- Oh hi Angie

Angie- Hoi

Addy- Angie do we need a chaperone along for this hiking trip for angie's kids

Angie- Every permission slip says no guardian means no hiking with Angie's 
kids....the new wild life group of kids founded in 1994, by Angie Larson 

Nell- We get the picture..Lets go

Angie- Now you kids behave yourselves

Addy- Angie

Angie- Hoi

Addy- What is it with you......We're gonna be gone a whole day and you didnt 
take the most impsortant things...... toilet paper, food, water, soap opera 

Angie- Oh no silly we can use leaves if we have to tinkle

Addy- Well I have to tinkle so move over

Angie- Oh hoi Nell

Nell- Angie

Angie-Yes Nell

Nell- Why is there a bear over by the car

Angie Oh here bear, here bear, Bears just love honey

Nell- Angie not the..........Honey

Angie- Owwwwwww good thing I ran he nearly sliced my shin off

Nell- I'd like to slice off your tongue thats what

Angie- ok go right ahead

Nell- The girl has a brain of a monkey 

Addy- Tell me about it

Vikki- Aunt Nell look over there there are kids throwing balloons at us 
filled with water

Nell- Hey you kids st......(Nell is bombed)st-op( she sits down) Addy this is 
what you call hell

Angie- Well Guys time to head home

Nell- Oh thank God its all over

Addy- Ya me too

Angie- Oh cheer up Nell because next week we're having another Angie's kids 
retreats.......and this time it's going to the aquarium.