Fan Fiction

No Time For Nell

Nell- Oh I'm so happy that I got a job and am out for the summer

Vikki- Ya thats good

Sam- Ya Nell I have to watch's series finale is tonight

Nell- Oh Sam you will never change...Wit you it was Dynasty  to Dallas to 
90210 to Melrose place

Sam- Ya but I'm recording it Nell it's a real keeper

Nell- FIne who has time for you anyways

George- Hi Honey

Addy- Hi

Nell- hey guys theres coffee on the stove and

Addy- Dont wiat up Nell

Nell- Ok

James- Hi honey

Nell- Hi(is ready to kiss him  but he walks by her and bites into an apple 
and says its late at the office and has to go)

Sam- Well Chris what do you say
Nell- Oh your gonna stay and have coffee with me

Sam- No

Chris- Even better......We promised Vikki if she passed the 4th grade with 
good grades we'd take her to see disney's traffic jam at the movies

Nell- Oh please...Well I guess I'm all alone then


Nell- Well theres nothing much to do here(nell recalls past memories over the 
years for 10 minutes)


Everyone- We're back...we went out for Pizza becuase we couldnt forget you 
Nell(Nell enjoys the pizza and her family)