Fan Fiction

Dreams Can Come True

Nell- Oh Addy I just cant Get myself into a singinig career

Addy- Oh Nell , well you know this isnt the 80's anymore

Nell- Ya it's the 90's..then the 00's will be here...then it's all down hill 
from there

Addy-It was all down hill in 83, what are you talking about girl

Nell- Leave me alone Addy


Vikki- Oh hi guys

Nell and Addy- Hi-iiii

Nell- Well vikki why ont you go on out andf play ok

Vikki- ok Nell

George- Hi I'm home

Addy- Oh hi honey lets go out to dinner

James- Hi honey

Nell- James get back in the car we're going out

(((The 4 meet in the same restaurant)))

Nell and Addy- Nooooo

James- Sit down Nell

George- Ya you too Addy

Addy- Well....O.K!

George- Ojk what is going on now

Nell- Addy thinks that I cant get a singing career

Addy- Oh Nell

(the 4 continue to argue)


Sam- Oh hi Vikki where is everyone

Vikki- Beats me they all went out

Chris- Hi Honey...Hi there my doll

Sam,- Hi

Vikki- Hi Daddy

Nell- I dont believe any of this

Sam- Whats wrong Nell

Nell-Ohh Please

Addy- She cant stay in tune

Nell(strangles addy and everyone tries to calm her down) do you think I''m 
not in tune, I went bck to highschool, to college, got a man a gig,  got a 
job at a stinky office with a window, and a job at mcdillion and lough, the 
richest company in the world since they quit and moved to ireland, I taught a 
bunch of idiots, I was a no good librarian, I taught idiots again, I became a 
receptionist, I just quit today, and now look at Joey, and Matt, 
and .... Ohh thats It.....I can call them so they can tell their old manager 
to hire me.....oh Addy this is greeeeeeeeat!!!!!!


Nell- Hello...oh hi Mr. 


Nell- Oooh you!!.....Aha.....ya......ya,......ok.........uhu.....ok......bye

Addy- well

Nell- He's ascheduling me for a meeting tomorrow morning

Addy and Nell jump up and down

(Nell sings do you really want it in a womans voice and hip in the 90's 
style......the man accepts her and welcomes her abord......she will soon 
re-sing the song in the new version)

Nell- Oh Addy and see i was the one who always told you dreams do come 
truer!!!!!! Ooooooow!!!!!!(the two jump up and down)