Fan Fiction

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

(Theme Song)

Nell- Just a minute please(she opens the door) Oh Mama!

Mama- Hello Nell

Nell- Mama, oh hi Mama wheres Herby

Mama- Oh he's At home, you know ever since he started his own Jazz club in 
89', His life is so complicated and full of surprises

Nell- Well ya Mama I think you'r right, you know we have a Jazz club in 
town,and the owner Harry Barry, he really needs a break!

Mama- Well I just decided to come down and say hello. I'm staying for a week 
or two

Nell- Oh thats fine Mama

Vikki- Hi Nell

Nell- Hi baby

Vikki- Whose this

Nell- Oh this is my mama

Vikki- Oh hello

Mama- Oh hi honey

Vikki- hi...Um  Nell Mom said she's gonna be home tomorrow morning ok

Nell- Thats fine honey, now go upstairs and do your homework

Vikki- Ok see you later Nell

Nell- Bye baby

Addy- Mama

Mama- Oh hi Addy

Addy- Oh Mama its been 2 years since I've seen you...that was in 97' when you 
came for Simpsons funeral when he passed away

Nell- Ya it wasn't easy getting over his death. He and Patti were a fine 
coupke, and since he died the poor thing will promise to never marry again. 
SHe moved back to wyoming to be with her folks

Mama- Well I'm starving

Nell- Well the guys will all be home soon and we can get to have dinner


James- Mama!

Mama- Hi James

George- Well If I be.....Damed It's Mama Maybell

Mama- Hi George hows the office

George- It's so hectic..And to think I've been a Lawyer for 9 years so far

James- Same with me

Mama- Well How has the money been

James- Great

George- Excellent

Vikki- Hi Guys

Everyone- Hi

Vikki- Oh Nell Mom called and said she'll be home in 2 days

Nell- Oh that Sam, you know she is off on a buisness trip ...Ever since the 
two of them talked her into becoming a lwyer she is excellign them and 
leaving every now and then.

Chris- I'm home everybody

Everyone- Hi

Mama- Oh Chris how''s it going

Chris- Mama! Maa Maybell how are you..oh its been two years

Mama- I know honey

Chris- You can take my room I'll take the couch

Mama- Oh that's so sweet of you dear youve always been a joy to have around 
in my life

Nell- And what about me

Mama- Well occasionally ion holidays ...I never have to clean the dishes or 
put away left overs

Everyone but Nell- (Laughs)

Nell- Mama , 8 years ago I went on a diet, I lost weight, and I gained maybe 
12 ppounds in 8 years ,and let me tell you something everyone thinks I look 

Mama- Oh Nell you know I'm only kidding

Sam(Walks in the door  while Nell is facing the kitchen eating. She makes 
hand signals and makes sure no one wants her to know she is there. SHe goes 
upstairs and into her refrigdgerator in her upstairs bedroom/snack area and 
gets out a cake)


Sam- Surprise

Nell- Sam

Sam- Ya Nell What so you think Mama is here for it's for your birthday party

Nell- Oh guys thank you

Sam- 51 Nell

Nell- And I've still got it(she blows out the candles and everyone cheers and 
the scene freezes)