Fan Fiction

The Fourth Grade Felony

(Opening theme)-sung by none other than Nell carter

What more to expect!
A house, a friend a family,
What more to expect!
The love just keeps going on, and -on and oonn yaaaaaaaa,

keeping it together, doing it the right way,
living my life , taking that step each da-y, oh, oh ya, ya, ya, yaaaaa!!!
What more to expect!
A house, a friend, a family,
What more to expect,
The love just keeps going, on-and-on-and -oooooooooooonnnnnn yaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Nell- Addy

Addy- Ya Nell

Nell- Oh Addy I cant believe it, little Matty and Joey are all grown up and 
out in college now......... (she starts to cry)

Addy- Oh Nell come on...liven up we have little vikki now

Nell- Oh ya that reminds me......vikki

Vikki- Yes Nell

Nell- Dont be late for school

Vikki- Ok Nell

Nell- Oh Addy I have to get used to the boys not being here, and Tim as well, 
oh now that he got his own retaurant where the boys go to college and 

Addy- Your right

Nell- Oh hi Sam

Sam- Oh hi Nell....Did Vikki leave yet

Nell- Yup

Sam- Well I'm off...oh hey hun

Chris- Hi

Sam- I'm off to the office, I have a meeting with yummy yogut company, maybe 
they'll buy my ad

Chris- Well have a nice day honey, see ya

sam- Bye

Addy- Well Nell lets get to school and start teaching

Nell- Youve got it


Nell- Hello...oh hi Mr. Larkings....Ya......uh-hu ...ok bye

Vikki- Hi Nell

Nell- Just a moment....Your princsays that youve been stealing is it true

Vikki- Ya......but I only did it because I saw an end of the world special on 
tv and I took his wig to remeber him by when we go

Nell- Oh honey rember I told you about this when your mkommy was just a 
little older than you were(they recall herby for 5 minutes)

George- oh hi Nell is Addy home

Nell- Not now she's still at the school

George- Well I guess I'll go by and say hi

Nell- Thats great honey you do that]

George- Bye

Nell- Bye-Bye honey

James- Hi Nell

Nell-Oh hi honey 

Vikki- Hi James

Nell- Not not you go upstairs and think about what you've dont

Vikki- Ok

Sam- What did she do

Nell- She stole ...but for a good rreason..the poor kid, she thinks like you 
did when you thought the world was gonna end

Sam- You think she'll slap me

Nell- I didnt sday that and(she slaps her) there thats fro 1983 and they way 
you did that to me and 16 years ago!!!!

Sam- Ok Nell I'll go talk to her

Nell- Geesh


Nell- Waht a day everyone huh

James- Ya

George- You can say that again

Sam- NAd you learned your lesson Vikki haven't you

Vikki- Sure I did...Form now on I'm gonna stick to cahs instead of 
wigs(everyone laughs)