Fan Fiction

What More To Expect! (Part 3)


Addy- Oh Nell I'm so glad we are all getting adjusted to this big house

Nell- You can say that again Addy

James- I think that I am adjusted already

George- I'm adjusted as well myself

Nell- Thats good everyone, now lets all have dinner

Sam- Hi Nell

Nell- Oh Sam how are you doing

Sam- Great

Nell- Thats good to hear honey

Sam- Nell guess what

Nell- What

Chris- I just went down to the convienievt store, bought a scratch ticket ,
and won 100,000 dollars

Nell- Is there anything you will put that money to 

Chris- I dont know , we haven't decided yet

Nell- Well you'd better soon

Joey- Aunt Nell you promised to drive me, Matt, and Jeremy to Hollywood

Nell- Oh my Lord look at the time your right

Joey- Ok everyone just be yourselves

Matthew- Ok Joey

Jeremy- Hey Joey, I think we did great the past 3 months practicing

Mattew-Ya good luck

Producer- Ok kids, lets see your stuff!

(the three sing step by step for three minutes)

Producer- Guys, you were great!

Matthew- Yaaaaaaaaaaa


Joey- Alright!

Producer- How about it Nell

Nell- Aha....

Producer- If you leave these 3 kids here from july  until the end of August

Nell- Aha...

Producer- And they get 500,000 each for the whole summer of singing and acting

Nell- Aahhhhaaaaaaa!!! Now your taking

Producer- SO they can stay

Nell- Sure

Joey- Thanks Aunt Nelll

Matthew-Thanks Aunt Nell

Jeremy- Thanks Aunt Nell(the three kids jump up and down and hug Nell with

Nell- Well Tim your boys will be famous soon

Tim- You mean they got accepted

Nell- Yup, and we have the whole summer free to ourselves

Tim- I dont know how you do it Nell

Nell- I dont either

Tim- Well I'm off to my restaurant now Nell, I 'll see you later

Nell-Good luck on your first day

Tim- Thanks

Tim- Hi welcome to the Glenlawn Palace my I help you.Hoooooooo!!! Oh my God!!!
Princess Dianna

Princess Dianna- Oh do call me Di

Tim- Of course

Princess Dianna- Oh I'll have the lemon peper chicken with a root beer please

Tim-You-you drink root beer

Princess Dianna- Yes dont we all

Tim- For you Princess...Anything

Princess Dianna- Oh thank you darling

Tim- Here you go Princess Dianna

Princess Dianna- Oh do call me Di I said

Tim- Ok Princess Di

Princess Dianna- Thats better


Tim- And my boys are all in Hollywood now and making 500,000 a pice just for
singing and acting all summer

Princess Dianna-Oh you are a very nice waiter, and a great cook. Here Mr.
Donovan...Heres a tip

Tim-Hoooooooo 1,000 yeeees!stops and bluishes as everyone looks at him yell
and walks back into the kitchen)

Nell- Oh boy Tim whats wrong honey

Tim-I just Served Princess Dianna in the restaurant

Nell- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tim- And got a 1,000 tip

Nell- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tim- And I spent 500 on scratch tickets


Tim And on one I won 100,000

Nell- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Tim- Well I can say that I will build an addition to the house for Jeremy to
have his own room instead of an attic room

Nell- Addy did you hear

Addy- Hear what

Nell- This was Tim's lucky day

Addy- Oh you met Di, got a 1,000 tip and won 100,000 on a scratch ticket good
job Tim

Tim- Thank you

James- Well honey I'm off to work tonight

Nell- bye honey(they kiss)

George- Ya I'm of too

Addy- Come here , come here, come here(they kiss)

George- Bye

Addy- Bye

Tim- So with 50,000 I'll build the addition, and with the other 50,000 I will
build my own restaurant and get rich off it

Nell- Ok Tim you do that I am just going to watch some tv ok

Tim- Ok Nell I'll see you later

Nell- Bye

Tim- Bye

Addy-Well girl I'm off to the burger joint to get some fast food to celebrate
this special occasion a, and George and James will be home soon, and Tims out
wiating at the restaurant

Nell-Thats good Addy

Addy- Well bye Nell, I'll be back in just a few minutes

Nell- Ok

Addy- Bye


Chris- Oh hi Nell(looks ovr the staricase down at her on the couch smiling)

Sam- hi Nell(Does the same)

Nell- So what are you two happy about, and hae you figured out what to do with
the 100,000 you guys won

Sam- Thats easy , we're building an additiopn

Nell- Not another one Tim is doing that

Sam- But it's for a good reason Nell

Nell- Oh Gimme A Break ! What for?

Chris- Tell her Sam

Sam- I'm having a baby

Nell-(Looks up at her and gets up from the couch , and walks over to the
banaster where she and Chris are standing) A bay, why congratulations

Chris and Sam- Thank you

Nell-(her smile turns to a frown) Here we go again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Nell
continutes to frown and Sam and Chris run down the stairs, and Nell hugs Sam
and Chris and the scene freezes)

           Thank you for watching for 10 great seasons ( 1981-1991)

     Nell Carter- Thank you for watching Gimme A Break for 10 great seasons
and 10 great years!!!!! From all of us to all of you goodbye , and

  Joey, Matthew, and Jeremy come out and bow down in the livingroom, then
James and George, then Tim and Addy, then Sam and Chris, and then Nell