Fan Fiction

A Best Friends' Wedding (Part 2)


Sam- We're home

Nell- Oh how was hawwaai

Sam- Oh it wass great

Chris- Ya and we saw all of these neat palm trees

Nell- Thats good kids

Sam- And...

Nell- Hey! We have to plan my wedding now

Sam- Oh we almost forgot Nell, good thing we came home after two weeks to not
miss the best wedding ever

Nell- You've got that right honey

Sam- Well We're going upstairs to move Chris' things into my room, and Jeremy
can move his things into the attic

Nell- Oh that sounds like a great idea

Sam- bye nell

Chris- Bye

NEll- bye

Addy- I cant wait girl tomorrow is the big day

Nell- I know I cant wait either

Addy- Oh! We always dreamed of being married on the same day

Nell- ya

Tim- Well everyone, I passed cooking school with an a+! 100% to be exaxct

Nell- thats great

Tim-And I want you all to know, that when the kids start school this
september, I will be wiatering, and cooking at the finest steak house and bar
and restauraunt you know , and they give 50 dollar tips too

Nell- Oh thats great

Joey- See you later Aunt Nell

Matthew- Bye aunt Nell we're going to the park to play basketball

Jeremy- Bye guys

Nell- Be careful I dont want anyone getting hurt for my wedding


Nell- Oh no ! 3 hours in the park and he's hurt already

Matthew- I'm hurt, my ankle, it. it hurts, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Joey- Dont worry Matthew

Nell- Hey honey cheer up

Matthew- I ruined your wedding

Nell- No, no, no honey yo8u didnt, and tomorrow you will walk down thaqt aisle
with no cast, just in time for my wedding

Addys- And mine

Nell- Whatever. Now just run along and play

Priest- Do you Addy take George to be your husband

Addy- I do

Priest- do you George take Addy to be your wife

Addy- I do

Priest- I now pronouce yu husband and wife

(they kiss)

Priest- Do you Nell take James to be your husband'

Nell- I do

Priest- and do you James take Nell to be your wife

James-I do

Priest- I now pronounce you husband and wife

(they kiss)

Everyone- Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!

( 3 weeks later)

Nell- Boy now James has to share a room with me, and George has to share a
room with you, Sam and Chris have to share a room, and Joey, Matty, and Jeremy
get their own rooms

Addy- It's going to be tough living in this house for a few years until Joey
goes off to college, and then Matty, and Jeremy, and then Sam and Chris move

Sam- I never said anything of the subject

Addy- Well the future will change everyone of us

Nell- Thats true. I could rm,ember it was only yestarday that I met
Joey(flashback of a second in Joey pt 1)

Addy- I remember when I came home to you(flashback of a second in Nell's

Nell- And I remember when we got the house back(flashback of a second in
Remembering Glenlawn Pt 1)

Sam- But those days are gone and we have our whole lives ahead of us

Nell- Thats right


Sam- I remember when all the sad times occures(they look back at Joeys train
and The Cal of death)

Nell- Ya but all of those sad times are gone. This is only the beginning, not
the end

James- Hey evryone, how about a toast to the 2 new couples

Everyone- Yaaaaaaaaaaaa!

George- To Addy and Me

Everyone- Cheers!!!!!!!!!

James- To Nell and I

Everyone- Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sam- To the future that awaits all of us

Everyone- Cheers!!!!!!(they all drink punch and talk and laugh and the scene

            To Be Continued..........................................


      On The final Part of the 3 part 1 and a half hour(90) minute final

      -----------Everyone is on Summer Vacation

     ----------Nell, James, George, and Addy deal with living together with a
whole bunch of people-------------

     -----------Joey goes to hollywood and introduces Jeremy and Matt to the
producer and to see if they are good enough to sing in his

-----------and someone gets surprising news---------------------

   On the Concluding Final Episode of Gimme A Break!!!!! Next on ABC!!!!!!!!!