Fan Fiction

Sam's Wedding (Part 1)


Sam- Nell I can't believe that tomorrow is the big day

Nell- I know, I know honey now come here, lets see if this gown fits you ok

Sam- Oh it fits fine nell

Addy-Nell, what is wrong with you

Nell- Me, and what about yourself, your looking at the woman who lost 30

Addy- Big deal, so what Nellie Ruth Harper

Nell- Well at least I dont go in public and tell everyone

Addy- Yes you do

Nell- And when was that

Addy- The other day at the market

Sam- Would you please stop talking about yourselves, what about me, my
wedding, my future

Nell- Ya the childs right Addy

Addy- Ok Sam , lets continue with your wedding plans

Joey- Hey Jeremy lets go out and play some basketball

Jeremy- Ok

Matthew- Hey guys, I thought we were going to watch tv

Joey- Some other time Matty

Matthew- But guys

Nell- Hey! Matthew Joey's right! Get on out of here your too loud inside

Matthew- Fine

Joey- Yaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!

Jeremyu- Come on Matt

Matthew- ok

Tim- Hey Nell I'm off to cooking school..just 1 more week until I graduate and
become a chef

Nell- Thats great

Tim- Ya , well I'll see you later ok

Nell- Ok Honey bye bye

Chris- Hi Nell

Nell- Oh Samantha looks adorable

Chris- I cant wait until tomorrow

Nell- Niether can I

Chris- Well I'm off to work

Nell- Bye bye

Chris- Bye

Nell- Well this is it Samantha, your big day

Samantha- Oh Nell I can just remember as if it were yestarday(they recall
scenes from the pilot-Sam's Affair of the 1st season for 2 minutes on each
episode for a total of 14 minutes)

Nell- Here we go honey

Priest- Do you Chris Smith take Samantha Kanisky to be your wife

Chris- I do

Priest- And do you Samantha take Chris to be your husband

Chris- I do

Priest- I now pronounce you husband and wife

(they kiss)

(Sam throw the boquett and Nell catches it)

Nell- Oh wasn't that a lovely wedding

Addy- I'll say it was

Nell- Aren't we forgetting something

Addy- I dont know

Nell- I think I'll call James. Hi James it's Nell

James- Hi I'm at work I'll see you tonight ok

Nell- Ok honey take your time

Addy- Hi George, I'll see you tonight

George- Sure thing honey

Addy- Bye

Nell- But what are we forgetting

Addy-I dont know beats me

Nell- But what was it Addy

Addy- Nell I dont know

Nell- It must be something important

George- Hi honey

Addy- Hi

James- Hows it going honey

Nell- Well how was work

James- Oh Just tiring , thank God tomorrow we'll be Married

Nell- (Looks up with shocking eyes as James hugs her )
George- I know Addy tomorrow we'll be married too

Addy- What(looks with shocking eyes as well as if the two forgot all about
their weddings and the scene freezes)

      To Be Continued...............................................

   On part 2

   It's the big day for Nell and Addy, but are they ready to say I do

Find out on Pt 2 of the final episode f Gimme A Break!!! Next on ABC!!!!!!!!