Fan Fiction

Nell's Addiction


Nell- Oh I love those slim fast clommercials , but I doubt they would work for

Addy- Nell, nothing works for you

Sam- Ya Nell, face it

Chris-Ya Nell I doubt anyone looses weight that tries that program

Tim- According to me, um..It did work

Nell- How could you know

Tim- I drank 1 for breakfast, luch, and ate a full dinner cooked by myself,
and I lost 10 pounds

Nell- Well you hardly looked overweight before

Joey-Bye Aunt Nell

Jeremy- See ya Aunt Nell

Matthew- So long Aunt Nell

Nell- Where are you going

Matthew- To the park to shoot hoops

Nell- Well you guys be careful ok

Jeremy- We will

Joey- We'll be fine Aunt Nell

Nell- Be home before dark

Matthew- Ok

Joey- Bye

Matthew- Bye

Jeremy- Bye

Nell- Well I'm going to the convienient store see you later

Man- So put on a few pounds lately

Nell- I dont think you should talk about other people

Man- I bet everything on your list is something to make you fat

Nell- Hey there now watch your mouth

Man-See that donut I bet you'll put it in your basket

Nell- Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!(runs over to the case of chocolate slim fast and
takes 3 of them) Here this is all I want today

Clerk- Ok(starts to ring them up)

Nell- Hey everyone , I'm home

Addy- What did you get

Nell- Well this, and this, and this

Addy- Slim fast

Tim- Good for you Nell

Sam- You'll never........

Nell- Shut up kid!

Chris- But nell.......

Nell-You too

Addy- I doubt that you'll ever lose anything in what...3 way

Nell- Watch me(the song party hard now! comes on as we see scenes of Nell come
and go such as Nell drinking a Vanilla, chocolat, strawberry, eating the candy
bars instead of a snickers, eating vegetables rather than pizza that the
family is eating for dinner, exercising at home, and running through the park)


Nell-Ooooooooooow!11 Look at me now!!1 Yaaaaaaaa!

Addy- Nell I am very proud of you

Nell- Thank you

Sam- You look terrific


Chris- Nell I want to apologize, you really did great

Nell- I lost 30 pounds in 3 months, thats 10 pounds per month

Addy- You really look good Nell

Nell-I think anything can be achieved now that my dream has came hasn't all came James and George

Addy- Ok

James- Hey Nell, looking good

Nell- Why thank you

George- Hi Addy how are you my love

Addy- Just fine

James- So waht did you want to talk about Nell

George- Ya

Nell-Well! I thought that since I achieved my dream of loosing weight, I
thought I'd achieve not only my last dream , but my best friends dream of
setting the date for our weddings

James- So how about in a week

George- How about in a day

Addy- Would you guys stop! We have already thought about the day

George and James- You have

Addy- Yes tell them Nell

Nell- The 4th of July

James- Hey that sounds like a great idea

George- Fine with me

Sam- And Chris and I are geting married in 2 weeks from now , since joey,
Matthew, and Jeremy are all out of school for the summer

Chris- Thats right

Nell- Oh we have so much to look forward to in the next weeks ahead(everyone
contnues to discuss the weddings in the livingroom and the scene freezes)

   3 months form

Be there as we all say goodbye to the Comedy that has had over 1,000,000
viewers totla in the last 10 years

   The  3 part (1 and a half hour) (90 minute) final episode of Gimme A

3 months from tonight on ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!