Fan Fiction

Joey's Problem

Nell- Joey Matthew it's time for school boys get down here move your buts

Addy-Dont you think your too hard on them Nell

Nell- Addy Please ok I dont need a sophomore teacher whose gonna be late for
her first day of school as well

Addy- Oh good thing you reminded me

Grandpa-Ahh Nell How are you dear

Nell- Oh Grandpa I'm going balistec

Granpa- Good Stop while you're ahead

Nell- Oh I'll see you grandpa have a wonderful time at the senior citezens

Grandpa- Oh Nell I have  ahot date today with a girl from there

Nell- Who the old woman with the lump on her but

Grandpa-No the nurse

Nell- Have a nice day

Grandpa- You too

Nell-Joey, Matty hurry up

Matthew- Coming aunt Nell

Joey- Coming aunt Nell

Nell- Joey whats the matter with you why are you scratching

Joey- Oh I dont know

Nell- Hey Why dont I buy you a backscratcher for christmas and you can scratch
till the hogs come home hows that

Joey- Uh it's great aunt nell Have a nice day

Nell- You too Hun

Joey- Bye

Nell- Uh Joey

Joey- Ya

Nell- Wher's my kiss

Joey- Oh Sorry Nell

Nell- Thats my boy


Joey- Aunt Nell I'm home

Nell- Oh how was school

Joey- It was great

Nell- Oh 

Joey- Ya and I still cant stop scratching

Nell- Oh Joey Dont worry You'll be fine

Joey-Ya I hope so Nell

Nell- Oh call Sam and Matthew down and Ill call Grandpa from the senior
citizen center and well all have dinner ok

Joey- Ok

Nell- Now how was everyones day

Sam- Great I had fun at my new college and met as boy

Nell- Upstairs now

Sam- Nell

Nell- Did you hear what I said lady

Sam- Nell I

Addy- Leave the girl alone she's 19 shes an adult now

Nell- The only time she's an adult is when shes not living with me now move ,
move upstairs to your room

Sam- Goodnight Nell(slams the door and takes off in her car)

Nell- Hey, Hey, wait, you forgot your dinner(throws the plate out the door and
we hear a loud smash and she slams the door and walks back to the table

Joey- Aunt Nell I think th scratching is getting worse

Nell- Well GO upstairs and Take your shower and get ready for bed I'll be up
to deal with you in about 20-30 minutes ok

Joey- Ok aunt Nell

Nell-You all ready for bed

Joey- Ya

Nell- Well Have a good night(they kiss)

(((we see like ten scenes of Joey during the night scratching himself))))

Nell- Boys get down here right now or you'll be late for
school....Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo(((she looks at Joey who
has all red spots all over his face and looks sad at her and she notices that
he has the chicken pox


Nell- Ok Joey I called the school and they said you wil be out 1 week ok

Joey- Ok aunt Nell

Nell- Ok I'm having Matty go to your class after school to get your homework
that you are to complete each night do you hear

Joey- Yes

Nell- Good

Matthew- I'm home

Nell- Ok Joey take all the time you want you can stay up late because you have
no school tomorrow and you can always do it whenever you fell like it

Joey- Um ok aunt Nell

Nell- Good Now go back to your room

Joey(goes in his room looks at his homework and throws it under his bhunk bed
and lies down and playsd a handheld video game and giggles

Nell- Joey Matthews home again with more school work

Joey- Ok Aunt Nell tell him to drop it by my door

Nell- Ok

Matthew- Here you go Joey

Joey(looks at it and tosses it under his bed)

Nell- Ok Joey it's ben 5 days and you should have all of your homework
completed by now

Joey- Uh ok Aunt Nell

Nell- Well

Joey- What

Nell- Let me see it(snaps at him

Joey(goes upstairs depressed and comes down and shows her all of the 14
assignments incomplete and no work on them)

Nell- Joey go to your room

Joey- But......

Nell- Joey no one I know ever did this before

Joey- I know but i was having so much fun I didnt know

Nell- Listen Joey you have to do your homework ok and I'll help you with half
of it so you'll get it all done within an hour or two

Addy-I'm home...Nell is something wrong

Nell- Little oey was not doing his homework

Addy- Oh Nell it's ok I never did my homework either when I was his age

Nell(get out(snaps at her and then Addy Goes into the kitchen while Nell looks
down and sighs)


Joey- Um aunt Nell

Nell- Yaaaaaa

Joey- I finished My homework

Nell- Ok  now tell your brother to get down here he'll be late for school

Joey- Ok

Nell-Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(looks at Matthew and he has the chicken pox now)

Matthew(in his room coloring and giggling)

Nell- Matthew Joeys home with your homework

Matthew- Put it by my door

Joey- Uh ok Matthew

Matthew(looks down each end of the hall and sneeks the homework under the bed
and behind him come Nell and Joey and at the same time yell caught ya and then
everyone laughs and Matthew smiles and Nell kneels down and kisses mathw and
hugs him and Joey kneels down and hugs Nell and looks at mtthew and smiles and
the scene freezes)

Next Week On Gimme A Break!

Nell- Oh Loretta I know That You went bankrupt and need a place to stay

Addy- What happened your sister loretta is broke 

Nell- Ya(((the doorbell rings))) Oooooooooooo mama!

Mama- Nell, How could you

Nell- How could I what mama

Mama- How could you just talk to Loretta on the phone and not offer her a
place to stay like me 

Nell- What

Mama- You heard me right dear I'm Moving in

Nell(sighs and feints)

Addy- Nell(hesitates and goes down on the floor tp try to revive her)