Fan Fiction

Joey's Lesson


Joey- Aunt Nell

Nell- Ha!

Joey- Do you mind if I practice my keyboard and singing in the livingroom

Nell- Sure honey go right ahead

Joey- Thanks

Addy-Well I'll see you guys later

Nell- Where are you going?

Addy- To saturday detention. I kept the whole class after because of cheeting
when I wasnt  in the room

Nell- Addy you know. You shouldn't leave the room durning a test!!!!!!

Addy- Nell!

Nell- Oh go on , get out



Tim- Well I'm off to cooking school

Nell- I'll se you later Tim

Tim- Bye

Nell- Bye

Sam- bye Nell

Nell- Sam where are you and Chris of to now

Chris- The park for a picnic

Sam- Ya , and then we're off to see the wizard of oz when we come home 

Nell- You have a good time

Sam- Bye

Chris- Bye

Nell- Bye

Jeremy- Wow Joey I never knew you were a musician

Joey- Wow I never knew you could dance

Jeremy- I could dance very well

Joey- Hey, can you sing

Jeremy- Sure watch(sings like Michael Jackson

Joey- Thats great, canm you play the rums

Jeremy- Could I(does a couple of beets)

Joey- Hey that was great your in my band

Matthew- Wow ,can I be in your band Joey

Joey- No Matthew, you 'r not as good as we are

Matthew- You guys are just not fair, Joey you and I used toplay great

Joey- Ya but you were a kid with no sense then

Matthew- Aunt nell

Nell- What is it

Matthew- They wont let me in their band

Nell- You kids better let him play, and Joey, ifhe surprises you with how good
he can play his guitar and sing, you'll learn a good lesson

Joey- Ok , I'm sorry Matthew, you can play with us

Matthew-Watch me play guitar , and sing by myself, I just might impress
you(Matthew sings heal the world and plays his guitar at the same time for 4

Joey- Wow you are good

Jeremy- Ya Matthew

Joey- Matthew, I'm sorry that I didn't give you a chance at first

Matthew- It's ok Joey

Nell- So how was he

Joey- He was exclellent

Nell- And did you learn your lesson

Joey- Ya Aunt Nell, and I promise you that I will give everyone a chance if
they ask me for one

Nell- Thats my boy, now let me hear this group sing

(Matthew , Joey, and Jeremy all sing heal the world for 4 minutes while Matt
plays the guitar, Joey plays the keyboard, and Jeremy plays the drums)

Nell- Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(claps)

Nell- Oh that was terrific

Matthew- So Joey how about introducing us to the music producer this summer to
get us all good jobs to get us all rich quick

Joey- I think I will

Nell- Thats my boy

Joey- Thanks Aunt Nell

Nell- Dont mention it

Joey- COme on you guys, Lets practice , because someday, this will make us
verry rich and famous

All three- Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!(they begin to play heal the world and the
scene freezes)

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  Nell goes on an ultra slim fast diet for 3 months, and could you believe
it!!!!!! She looses 30 pounds!!!

Nell- Yaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

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