Fan Fiction

Matt's The One


Coach Ron- Go Matthew, go

Nell- Ya Matthew come on shoot it for mama

Sam- Ya Matthw you can do it

Joey- Go Matthew

Chris- Come on Mathew make us proud

Tim- Thats my boy

Matthew(gets the basketball and shoots it to the basket and within the 1
second timing left in the final game of the season, it goes in, and they win
for the season

Coach Ron- Oh Mathew I knew you'd save the day

Matthew- Thanks

Nell- Oh Matty, Matty, Matty

Joey- Alright Mathew

Sam- Hey great job Matthew

Chris-Good job Matt

Tim- Son, I couldn't be more prouder

Matthew- But why couldn't jerem,y come and se my game today

Tim- Well because he's sick at home

Matthew- Oh, I really wanted him to come and see it

Nell- Oh forget about that Matthew, and think about what you are going to get
for saving the day

Matthew- What?

Nell- 1st stop, the ice cream shop


Nell- M,m,m,m,mmmmmmmm,m this is goooood ice cream

Addy- Nell, can we go homke now, you've bought the kid 4 ice cream sundaes

Nell- So, I like him

Addy- So nothing

Nell- Soooo this day wouldn't be complete with a visit to the toy store huh

Joey- Yaaaaaaaaaaaay

Nell- Not you him

Joey- Aw shoot!

Nell- You guys go on home, and , I'll escort Matthew to the toy store

Matthew- But Aunt Nell....

Nell- Matthew . you needen't say a word, your limo awaits

Matthew- Ya more like station wagon

Jeremy- Did---did---did Matthew win

Addy-- Ya and Nell is spoiling him like he was a child

Jeremy-I wish I could of been there to see him

Addy- Hey, maybe some other time

Jeremy- Addy


Jeremy- Next Year if I play basketball , and shoot the winning basket, will
Aunt Nell take me out

Addy- Honey, I think she'll buy you out

(The two laugh)

Nell- Ok we're hom

Matthew- I dont want all of this Aunt Nell

Nell- but.....

Matthew- But nothing I just want to be treated as an equal


Matthew- Leave me alone

Addy- See what you got yourself into now girl!

Nell- Maththew , I'm really sorry for what I did

Mathew- But Aunt Nell , I just want to be treated as an equal

Nell-Well I'm sorry I spoiled you. but you can still keep the toys

Matthew- Thanks Aunt Nell

Nell- So what do you think I'll do next year if ou win the big game huh , buy
you a car , and savfe it for you till' your 16

Matthew- Aunt Nell!!!

Nell- Come here, come here(They hug and the scene freezes)

      Next Week On Gimme A Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joey finds out that
Jeremy can sing and dance as good as him, but forgets Matthew knew how as
well. When Joey tells him to join him in his group, Matthew wants in too, but
Joey says no, and Nell tells him to give Matthew a chance to see if he learns
his leson , not to say no to anyone, and to give them a chance, because they
just might surprise you

    On an all-new episode of Gimme A break!!!!!!!!! Next Week On