Fan Fiction

Joey The Man


Nell- Jeremy, Joey, Matthew, come on down you'll be late for school

Matthew- Bye Aunt Nell, see you in a couple of hours

Nell- Get out of here you little cutie

Matthew- Aunt Nell!

Jeremy- Hi Aunt Nell

Nell- Hey there Jeremy, now dont you be late for school

Jeremy- I wont I promise, I'll behave

Nell- You go on and get out of here, go

Jeremy- Bye

Nell- Bye honey

Sam-Nell I'll be going now

Chris- Ya , Sam is taking me to tour her new job at the mall'

Nell- Well you guys go on and have a good time ok

Sam-Ok bye Nell

Nell- Bye. Joey get down here now, I dont want you being late for school

Joey- I'm coming Aunt Nell

Addy- Oh I'll see you girl

Nell- Ok Addy, have a nice day teaching

Addy- Bye

Nell- Bye. Speaking of teaching, Joey get down here now!

Joey- I'll be right there

Tim- Oh Goodmorning Nell, is something wrong with Joey

Nell- Ya he wont come down, he's been in the bathroom for a half hour already,
I dont know what he's doing up there

Tim- Maybe he's changing Nell

Nell- What do you mean

Tim- I think it's time we stay home and tell Joey about the birds and the bees

Nell- Joey come on down here

Joey- What

Nell- Come here, come here, come here!!!!

Joey- What is it

Nell- Your father and I are going to stay home today, and , your going to stay
home today and learnm about the chirps and the honey

Joey- The what

Tim- What she's talking about is, since you've been in the bathroom Joey, you
must have made observations

Joey- Oh you mean like where I forgot to brush huh

Nell- no

Joey- Oh , you mean if I forgot to shut the water off all the way

Nell- No!!!!!

Joey- Then I give up, what is it

Tim- Well, go ahead Nell you tell him

Nell- (Begins to sing the birds and the bees)

Joey- Aunt Nell!

Nell- Well I only know how to say the words , not the actions

Tim- Well Joey, it's like this, you see, I was once a kid before, ya, ya ,
thats, thats right

Nell- Oh would you get on with it, forget it , I'll tell you what, I'm going
to teach Joey the same way I taught Samantha years ago

Joey- Oh so thats how babys come on the earth

Nell- Yes honey thats right

Tim- Well I'm off to my cooking class at night , good thing they have 2

Nell- And I'm off to see how Mr. Freeman the sub did today in day care

Joey- And I will go upstairs and begin to shave because you told me that I am
going to be a man soon

Nell- Thats right! Good boy, I mean man

Joey-(squirts some shavng cream out onto his hands, then gets happy and
squirts the whole bottle on his hands, then throws it all onto his face and
looks at himself in the mirror) Oh God! And to think they thought I made
observations about my hair on my nose! I was just up here because I didn't
want to go to school tody to take Mrs. Grant's historyu test(laughs and smiles
and looks at himself in the mirror and the scene freezes)

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