Fan Fiction

Matthew's Friend

(credits)................Jeremy Davis is added to the cast(played by Jonathan
Taylor Thomas)

Matthew- Oh hello

Jeremy- hi

Matthew- Why aren't you carying your bookbag home form school?

Jeremy- I'm, I'm not in school

Matthew- Your not

Jeremy- No

Matthew- Well we're are you from then

Jeremy- I'm an orphan

Matthew- Oh, I'm sorry, my brother was an orphan once

Jeremy- Hey dont worry about me, I'll be fine

Matthew- Do you think you can go to school tomorrow with me

Jeremey- My owner says I can but I never went

Matthew- Hey you'll like it trust me

Jeremy- Ok

Mrs. Pingrey- Ok clas this is our newest student, Jeremy Davis

Matthew- Come on Jeremy, you can come sit next to me, this seat's empty

Jeremy- thanks

Andrew- Hey isn't that the orphan

Matthew- Leave him alone

Neddy- Ya , orphan, orphan, orphan

Mathew- Cut it out guys

Jeremy- I told you it was a bad idea to send me to school

Matthew- How about coming ovr for dinner tonight then

Jeremy- I'd love to, thank you Matt

Matthew- Hey no problem, what are friends for

Nell- Oh hi Matthew, oh whose this?

Matthew- My new friend Jeremy

Nell- Why your so cutw

Matthew- Aunt Nell!

Nell- I'm sorry

Matthew- Thanks

Nell- Come on down, time to eat

Addy- Oh Matthew your friend is sooooo cute

Matthew- Oh Addy please

Sam- Oh look at this who are you

Matthew- Everybody ! He's my friend, not a puppy dog

Jeremy- Thanks matt

Matthew- Your welcome

Joey- Hey Aunt Nell guess what


Joey- I got a b on my report today

Nell- Thats great honey, now work on getting an A+

Joey- I will

Chris- Sorry i'm late

Sam- Oh where were you honey, I waited so long

Chris- i got stuck in traffic

Tim- Oh Matthew I see you have  a friend over for dinner

Nell- Ya and he's so cute tooo!!!

Matthew- Ya dad

Nell- Well where does your friend live

Matthew- At the orphanage 4 blocks from here

Nell- Oh noo!

Matthew- ya it's ture

Nell- Addy get me my records

Addy- Why honey

Nell- Just dont start, I'm going down to the adoption agency and giving this
kid a home

Matthew and Jeremy- Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

Nell- Well now that you are my foster son Jeremy, is it ok if I call yu cuteie

Jeremy- I dont mind Aunt nell

Nell- AAaaaaaaaaaaa he said Aunt Nell

Jeremy- Ya, I knew once I met you, that you were the nicest person I ever met

Nell- Why thank you honey

Jeremy- Aunt Nell

Nell- Yes Honey

Jeremy- Is it ok if we can spend some time together today, and by myself some
clothes and toys

Nell- Sure  thing Jeremy, and you ar not going to spend sometime, you can
spend as much time! Come here(Nell hugs Jeremy and the scene freezes)

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