Fan Fiction

Nell's New Job


Nell- Oh Addy I can't believe it

Addy- I know , it fainnaly took you over a year , but you are finally going
back to work

Nell- Ya , and I know I will love working at the day care center as the new

Addy- Well I'm off to work, ok honey

Nell- Sure thing Addy , have fun

Joey- See you later Aunt Nell

Nell- Ok have a great time in school today

Joey- Ya I sure hop I do, the student rep is being elected today and it's
between me, and Bobby7 Fisher

Nell- So what if Boby won last year, these new kids dont even know him

Joey- Well I guess your right Aunt Nell

Nell- Bye -Bye you little hustler

Joey- Bye

Mathew- Hi Aunt Nell

Nell- Why Matthew, where do you think your going with pajamas

Matthew- Aunt nell, it's pajama day at school

Nell- Oh, oh I se honey, run off and have a fun time

Matthew- Ok Aunt Nell

Nell- Oh Good morning Tim

Tim- Hi Nell

Nell- Oh your all dressed up, where are you going?

Tim- To a cooking school

Nell- Oh see Tim, I told you  that you'll fulfill your dream, now look at you!
boy are you gonna make a fine chef someday

Tim- Bye Nell

Nell- Bye-Bye

Sam- Oh hi Nell

Nell- hi , where are you off to

Sam- It's my day off and Chris is taking me to the zoo

Chris- Ya , we are going to have a blast Nell

Sam- Well , have a great time at day care nell

Chris- Ya , hope that you dont have any whiners

Sam- Bye

Nell- Bye

Chris- Bye

Nell- Well here goes nothing

Nell- Good moring everyone

Everyone- Good morning Ms. Harper

Nell- Now I want everyone to settle on down, and here, have some coloring
tools, and start to color your favorite picture ok

Everyone- Ok

Nell- Good, and then after we'll have some lunch ok

Bill- Nell, I think your off to a wonderful start

Nell- Well Mr. Ropus , these kids are surely easy to handle

Bill- Wel it's like I always say " The young ones are the best"

Nell- Oh and they are so friendly too

Bill- Well Ms. Harper, I'll leave you nw, see you later

Nell- Ok. Oh kids we're just gonna have so much fun

Addy- So Nell how was work

Nell- It was excellent

Addy- See i told you that you would like it

Nell- Oh so what happened today

Joey- Aunt nell, Aunt Nell, guess what

Nell- Eeeeee, Eeeeee, Eeeeeeeee , what is it!

Joey- I won homeroom rep

Nell- Thats wonderful

Tim- Oh really, well, I just got my first A+ , on my first dish

Nell- Thats wonderful

Matthew- ya and my pajamas won 1st prize out of all the class

Nell- Come on everbody lets go out and celebrate

Everyone- Yaaaaaa!

Nell-Boy was that a great dinner

Tim- Well  I'm going to bed

Sam- Me too

Chris- me too

Joey- Me too

Addy- I think I will too

Matthew- Aunt Nell

Nell- Yes matthew

Matthew- Do you think when I am a freshman in Highschool , I will get homeroom

Nell- With a family of winners that keep believing n themselves I'm sure you
will honey, I'm sure you will..Come here(Nell and Matthew hug on the couch and
the scene freezes)

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