Fan Fiction

Deck The Halls


Addy- Oh nell can you believe it, it's just 1 day until Christmas

Nell- I know Addy here help me with these ornaments

Tim-Un Nell where do you want this basket

Nell- Put it on the table

Joey- Hey Aunt Nell look what I found......the ornaments from when you adopted

Nell- Oh and do I remember that day

(they recall Joey pt 1 and 2 for 3 minutes each)

Addy- So Nell, how much of the past can you not forget

Nell- When you came back

(everyone recalls Nell's Friend for 3 minutes)

Addy- But we still are friends aren't we Nell

Nell- You Bet

Sam- hi Nell

Chris- Hi

Sam- Nell I was thinking about christmas time 7 years ago

Nell- Ya when you all tricked me that you were going out

(everyone recalls A Kanisky Christmas for 3 minutes)

Sam- Who could ever forget that

Nell- I know I wont

Matthew- Hey Nell check out the gift Joey bought me

Nell- Oh thats cute what is it

Matthew- It's a pretend snake see

Nell- Aaaaaaaa get it away


Chris- Nell it's only a snake

Nell- Alright! No big deal

Sam- I cant waitin 5 months we will be married

Chris- Ya I cant wait

Matthew- Ya in 5 months I'll be out of 6th grade

Joey- In 5 months I can o to hollywood and sing

Tim- in 5 months I can go to a good cooking school to learn how to cook like a

Nell- And then theres me.......

Addy- Nell dont be stumped, in 5 months we'll be married

Nell- Oh god thats right

James- Hello

George- Hi everybody

Nell- James come on in

James- Hi honey

Nell- Hi

Addy- Oh George

George- Yes honey

Addy- Merry Christmas

(Nell and Addy kiss their soon to be husbands)

Nell- You know what everybody, through the years we've all been through a lot.
Graduations, predudice, lies, secrets,fighting, deaths, tradgedy, but hey,
we're still here are'nt we

James- Thats right

George- I'll drink to that

Nell- Now come on everybody lets sing christmas carols

(James begins to play the piano , as everyone sings we wish you a merry
christmas, then Nell starts to sing silent night , just as the chief did, and
evryone stops singing, then they continue we're they left off at good tidings
to you to you and to all, good tidings of Christmas and a happy New year and
the scene freezes)

    From our family to yours.......Merry Christmas and a happy 1991 year!!!

         From the Cast Of Gimme A Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In 1991........All will be fun

      Nell- Hi everybody I'm Nell Harper

As Nell gets a new job as a day care center teacher

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