Fan Fiction

Matthew's Dream


Nell- Time for breakfast

Joey- Coming Aunt Nell

Nell- Sam hurry up

Sam- I'm coming nell

Nell- Chris, tim, get down here

Chris- Coming Nell

Tim- Ya Nell , hold on, I'l be there in a second

Nell- Ok, ......Aren't we missing somebody

Matthew- I'm in here Aunt Nell

Nell- Get in here

Matthew- I'm watching the basketball game

Nell- Thats not a good reason to skip breakfast with the family now get in

Matthew- But Aunt nell, it's half way through

Nell- you can read all about it in tomorrow's papers now move, mooove

Mathew- Ok Aunt Nell

Tim- You know Nell , I am thinking of going into the cooking buisness

Nell- What do you know about cooking

Tim- I made yesterdays breakfast didn't I

Nell- Oh , and i complemented Addy for that, oh I'm sorry

Addy- Complemented me for what?

Nell- The breakfast yeatarday , Tim made it

Addy- Oh man, you got it going on with cooking

Tim- Thanks

Nell- Well everybody finish breakfast

Sam- Nell I saw this great space down the mall for rent, how about checking it
out!! Maybe you can have your own buisness there

Nell- Sam we won as much as we could on the price is right, remember, and
plus, Everyobne in this family works accept for me and Matty

Matthew- I will soon, I'm becoming a paper boy

Nell- Oh Really

Matthew- Ya

Nell- Well thats just peachy

Matthew- I have to go down to the park Aunt Nell

Nell- What for

Matthew- To play basketball with soem friends ok

Nell- Ok now you be careful ok

Matthew- Ok

Matthew- Aunt Nell, Aunt Nell!!!!!!!!!!

Nell- What ios it Matthew

Matthew- Aunt Nell I have the best news

Nell- What is it

Matthew- While I was down at the playgroud, a coach came by and said he's
starting his own team for the town of Glenlawan

Nell- So?

Matthew- Please let me join Aunt Nell, please

Nell- Ok you can join

Matthew- Thanks

Nell-Woa, Michael Jordan

Mathew- What

Nell- These things have sort of a catch to them

Matthew- What kind of a catch

Nell- How much

Matthew- $50.00

Nell- FOrget it

Matthew- Aunt Nell

Addy- Nell whats going on now!

Mathew- SHe wont let me join the basketball team because it costs $50.00

Addy- Oh Nell let the kid join

Nell- No , and I wont let you tell me what to do

Matthew- I hate you Aunt Nell, I hate you!

Nell- See what I mean Addy, let him join he wants to do other things, dont let
him he whines

Addy- But

Nell- No buts about it Addy, the kid is not joining anything

Addy- Waht kind of a riend woud you be if I had no money Nell(slams the door)

Nell(looks on with a frown)

Nell- Matty can I come in

Matthew- I guess so

Nell- Matthew I want you to know that I will pay the $50.00, and I wont keep
doing what you ask me to do , such as paying 300 dollars for sneakers

Matthew-Thanks Aunt Nell

Nell- Oh your welceome honey

Matthew- Aunt Nell can I ask you a question

Nell- Sure honey what is it

Matthew- Can I buy new sneakers

Nell(looks at him with starring eyes ) What!!!!!(and the scene freezes)

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