Fan Fiction

Joey's Choice


Joey- Aunt nell I'm Leaving now

Nell- Oh Joey now you take care on your first day of highschool

Joey- I will Aunt Nell, and I have my skit readfy for the talent show

Nell- Thats good baby, knock em' dead

Tim- Hi Nell, oh Joey I figured since the highschool is a 20 minute walk ,
I'll drive you to and from school ok

Joey- Hey , thanks dad

Tim- Dont mention it kiddo

Nell- Matthew, come on down, or you'll be late for your first day of school

Matthew- Oh Aunt nell , do I have to go

Nell- Yes, you, do

Matthew- But last year my teacher hated me, and thats because history, and
science, and match get worse when you go into the 5th grade

Nell- Well now your in the 6th so its gonna get worser!!!!!!!

Matthew- Oh Aunt nell

Joey- Well come on dad , I dont want to be late

Tim- Coming Joey

Matthew- Bye aunt Nell

Nell- bye Matthew, everything will be fine honey , you'll see.

Sam- Hi nell!

Nell- Oh , so now I have to put up with you for another year or two at home,
since you have no school, like Katie did years ago

Sam- oh no Nell, I got a job

nell- You did

Sam- Yup

Nell- Where

Sam- Down the mall at the snack bar

Nell- oh thats wonderful

Sam- Well I dont want to be late, bye Nell 

Nell- Bye honey

Chris- Oh Nel I have to go

Nell- Where are you going

Chris- To work

Nell- You mean you got a new job too

Chris- Ya

Nell- Doing what

Chris- Working at the convienient store 3 blocks form here

nell- Oh , ok thats good honey, I'll see ya tonight when you come home ok

Chris- Bye

Joey(Does his act /song on stage for ten minutes)

Luis- Hi kid, um I am luis Fitzgerald, I like your music

Joey- Wow

Luis- Ya , I am from Hollywood California Joey

Joey- Wow

Luis- I think you have the best act here, and thats why I am choosing you to
go to hollywood and be famous

Joey- Wow

Nell- No

Joey- Oh Please Aunt Nell

Nell- No , you have to finish highschool first

Luis- he'll have highschool between acting

Nell- but what about his teachers, friends

Luis- Oh, um, you know how actors have their own teachers, well we havea group
of kids the same age who are actors, Hey! do you know Zachary Ty Bri

Joey- No

Luis- He's gonna be famous next year on a new sitcom called Home Improvement,
and he's just about your age too

Nell- What does that mean

Luis- Well his friends, who are all actors, and 14 years old, will be in his
grade with him.

Joey- how many to a class Mr. Fitzgerald

Luis- 14

Joey- Wow , now can i go Aunt Nell

Nell- I am ashamed of you Joey Donavan. Just because of friends here you want
to go, you want to leave your own friends, what about your brother, and your
father, and me, the woman who adopted you, took you in for God's sake! it's up
to yiou Joey, if you want to go or not

Addy-I'm home, can you believe it Nell , Joey got picked to be a star at the
taslent show today

Nell- But he's gonna be away from his family

Addy- Oh honey i know, but he's 14

Nell- he's still a boy, when he starts to drive he can go

Joey- Aunt Nell, I came to a decision

Nell- What is it baby

Joey- I'm not going, but I like your idea of Fitzgerald

Luis- Yes, call me Luis

Joey- Luis, is it ok if I spend a month every summer from now until junior
year going to Hollywood, and then when I graduate, I can become a rock star
and an actor full time

Luis- Sure Joey, you got yourself a deal

Nell- I love you Joey

Joey- I love you Aunt Nell

Addy- I love you too Joey

Joey- I love you Adddy( They all hug and the scene freezes)

  Next Week!!!!

   Matthew has a dream !!!!!!

          Can you guess what it is??????????????????

    Matthew- Aunt Nell , thwere's something I want to be when I get older, but
if I practice now, you'll have to pay $50.00 for it for 1 month

     Nell- Matthew, youcan kiss your dream goodbye

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