Fan Fiction

The Call Of Death

Last Season On Gimme A Break

Nells Diner Burns Down
Everyone makes it as contestants on the price is right and  win almost
George Proposes to Addy
James returns again
James proposes to nell
Sam graduated from college
Joey graduated from 8th grade
Simpson and Patti got maried
Simpson and Patti win 1,000,000 eachj on scratch tickets
Simpson and Patti buy a house in Malibu and move away
Grandpa moves to a retirement center
Everyone is out for the nigth and nell tells them to watch out because its bad
at night
Nell watches t.v. and is all alone and a little scared of being alone
Nell recieves a phone call and is shocked and begins to cry

Nell- Oh no please! Ok! Ok! Ok! Please !Please make sure you take care of him!
I want this to be the best funeral ever! He deserves the best!(Nell begins to
cry some more and says goodbye and hangs up the phone)

Sam- Nell we're home

Chris- hi

Tim- Hi Nell

Joey- Aunt nell we're home

Matthew- Ya the movie was terrific

Addy- I'm home

Nell- Um guys(begins to cry)

Addy- Whats wrong honey

Sam- What happened

Nell- We lost him(cries again) we lost Grandpa

Sam- What!(strats to cry) Nell, no, you mean he's

Nell- yes honey

Sam- Oh Nell

Everyone(begins to cry and gathers around Nell)

(Credits)     (((((((Nell Carter sings the theme very slowly and back up
humming from people who do growing pains final season humm)))))))

Gimme A Break, now the seasons all change,
This life we live, just keeps getting harder, no matter what comes along
Everyday, what is in my way, I hope to avoid it and sing a brand new so-ong ,
Gimme A Break! Ya,Ya
Gimme A Breal! Cause I sure need one
Gimme A Break! Oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
I finally know where I be-e-lo-o-o-o-ong
Gimme A Break! Ya, Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Gimme A break! Cause I sure need o-one
Gimme A Break! O-Ohhhhhhhhh Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
I Finally know where I be-e-lo-o-o-o-ong Now Gimme A Break!

Nell- It was a Wonderful Funeral

Sam- It's not gonna be the same here without grandpa

Nell- i know everybody, but we have to make the best of it, just like he
wanted us to

Sam- Nell, your right

Joey- Ya I sure am going to miss him

Sam- he will never see my wedding, my kids, nothing

Addy- Oh Sam come here

Chris- Ya Sam it'll be ok

Tim- I think Matty is sad Nell, sadder than Joey

Nell- Baby, are you ok

Matthew- No Aunt Nell

Nell- Oh whats wrong

Matthew- Well , Granpa was my best friend, I never any friends before, and
family like Joey doesn't count

Nell- Oh Matthew come here

Matthew- I think Grandpa is watching me up in heaven right now

Nell- honey I do believe he is too

Joey- Hey I got a great idea, why dont we remember the past like we usually do

Nell- Hey maybe that will bering a little cheer to us

Nell- Grandpa was a strong man, Oh but he was right about his life being taken
so fast, thats why he died in his sleep, the poor man, he didn't even feel

Joey- I remember when i first moved in with you

(everyone recalls the episodes "Grandpa's Rebellion" " Grandpa's Will"
"Grandpa's Secret Life" for 10 minutes)

Nell- ya I am so glad we remembered the past joey

Sam- i miss him Nell

Nell- But Honey you have to Face it he's gone now

Tim- Nell what are we going to do with Grandpa's room upstairs

Nell- Well Joey can have his own room now, and Matthew can have his own room,
and Sam has her own room, and you have the chiefs old room, and Chris has the

Chris- Aha but soon I will be sleeping with Sam when we get married

Nell- Thats yet to come

Matthew- Nell can we watch the jetsons, that was grandpa's favorite show to
watch with Joey and me.

Nell-Sure thing youve got it honey

Joey- I sure miss him

Nell- Would everyone stop! We will always miss Grandpa for as long as we live.
He was a great man, and the lord is with him now , making sure he is watching
over you and I

Matthew- Hi aunt nell

Nell- why hi Matthew

Matthew- Nell , here, Grandpa gave em this picture of him for his birthday,
the one you gave to him for his present

Nell- Oh yes

Matthew- He said I was his tru best friend as well(begins to cry)

Nell- Oh it's ok Matthew

Matthew- I know Because the Lord is taking car of him, and he's watching over
you and me(Nell and Matthew hug on the couch and the scene freezes)

      In Memory of John Hoyt, We will all miss

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Joey has a talent show at school and there is a hidden agent that is looking
for the best rock star or group at his school and he gwts picked to go to
hollywood and have school classes there while he makes his debut as a rock
star.....Will Nell let him go??????????   

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