Fan Fiction

Wedding Bells and Blues (Part 2)

Nell Carter(beofre credits)  Hello, and welcome to ABC's 1hr special
presentation of Gimme A Break's 1hr 2 parter finale!!  Stay tuned for pt 2,
and a conclusion that you dont want to miss, plus a real cliffhanger at the
end that will puzzle people for months , until the show returns this fall to
conclude this episodes cliffhanger. Tonight , we say goodbye, to 2 characters
on Gimme A Break!! Howard Morton and Loni Anderson, who have played the roles
of Ralph Waldo Simpson, and Patti Hutchenson . Also there is one other star
saying goodbye tonight, but we wont find out who it is until this fall. So sit
back, relax, and enjoy pt 2 thank you!!



Nell- Oh Everthing looks so pretty

Patti- I know

Tim- Joey, Mathy , you have the rings

Joey- Right here dad

Matthew- Ya I have mine too

Tim- Good

Sam- Oh I cant wait until we get married

Chris- Neither can i

Grandpa- Oh Nell, I have to go to the bathroom

Nell- Well hurry up we dont want to miss  the wedding

Grandpa- Nell the doors locked

Nell- But how could that be its...... You know it is locked

Simpson- I'm in here Nell

Nell- Simpson

Simpson- Yes I have a confession to make

Nell- Well what is it honey

Simpson- I have a secret I never told anyone before

Nell- Well what

Simpson- i have a twin brother, and I invited him to the wedding to be my best
man , but Patti doesn't know that he looks like me , or I have him for a

Nell- Well whats wrong with that honey

Simpson- I'm afraid that Patti would mistake him as me and kiss him

Nell- Oh honey!

Patti- (Escorted by Grandpa) Where is he, where is Simpson

Nell- He's in here , he locked himself in, we need to talk

Patti- Simpson come out of there , so what if you have a twin brother, and
he's late anyways

Jimmy-Hi ya, you must be Patti

Patti- Simpsons brother, you are all gray

Simspon- Gray, I'm coming my love, I am full brown

Patti- Aaaaaawwww

Priest- I now pronounce you husband and wife

(while Simpson is on his honeymoon)

Nell- Oh it was a beautiful wedding

Grandpa- Nell I am ready to move

Nell- Grandpa, you mean you really are moving to the retirement home

Grandpa-Yes Nell and I dont want to talk about it anymore

Nell- Grandpapa

Grandpa- Nell, I know I am still strong, but what if I need help years down
the line. One of my friends died a year ago, and he was as healthy as a new
baby, and he caught a cold, it went into a pnemonia, and he died a day later

Nell- i see what you mean

Grandpa- So I can move

Nell- Ya, Plus this house is too big anyways, but Granddpapa you can always
come over everyday and visti, have dinner, lunch, I can drive you home

Grandpa- Ok thanks Nell, well I'll get packing

Nell- ok

(After Simpson Comes Home From His Honeymoon)

Simpson-I'd like a scratch ticket please

Clerk- Which one

Simpson- Scratch a cop

Clerk- I see what you mean

Patti- And I'll have one too

Clerk- Sure which one

Patti- Bundle of joy....We just got married, I cant wait until we have our own
you know

Simpson- How will we afford a new home for them

Pati- oh my God!!!!!!With this!!!!!!! I just got 10 baby biys in a row, and
they are all 100,000 We won a million!!!!!!

Simpson- Oh God, I got ten cheifs, I won too 100,00 on each, oh my God this is
a sign patti

Patti - what

Simpson-That we are sure to have a boy , or at least 10 boys, who will all be
chiefs of something

(they both laugh)


Nell- Oh hi guys

Simpson- Hi ya Nell

Patti- hello

Nell- So you guys are moving to Malibu today huh

Simpson- Ya 

Patti- Ya

Nell- You can vistit anytime you like, it's only a 10 minute ride you know

Everyone(says bye to Simson and Patti and they leave)

Sam- Well Nell I'm going to the movies with Chris

Nell- This Late, be careful there could be drunk drivers out there

Tim- ya and I'm taking Joey and Matty to dinner at Dennys

Addy- Ya and I have a date with George

Grandpa- And I'll see you nell I'm moving to the retirement center

Nell- Ok everyone, bye!!!!!!!!!!

Everyone- Bye(they shut the door and Nell is all alone)

Nell- Well let me see....What can I do.........Oh i know......I'll....I'll
call Mama, She loves me now, maybe I'll find out how she is doing...wait, I'll
call Loretta.....Wait, but if I call her there will be trouble and with Mama
as well...I know I'll call james.....Wait James is at Lawschool tonight until
11pm...Thats It...I'll watch some tv(turns on the tv and lies back and smiles)

Nell- Hmmmm It's awfully late, It's past 11pm, and everyone left the house
around 6. It's so boring , plusit's kind of scarry at home all alone by
myself, i think I should watch a good movie on t.v.

(The phone rings)

Nell- Hello?.......Yes.......Yes this is her......Yes! Oh no what happened!
No! Nooooooo!(tears start to fall from her eyes) Noooooo! Oh God No! Please no
God tell me it ain't true no! No! No!(the scene freezes with her on the phone
behind the couch near the fishtank in tears)    

      To Be Continued.....................Next Season

     Howard Morton and Loni Anderson, We will all miss you!!!!!!!

   As well as a person who appeared in this episode ,and will not be returning
this fall        when this person is revealed dead !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stay Tuned This Fall To Find Out Who Dies When Gimme A Break Returns This
Fall For The Concluding Episode And Season Premiere Of It's 10th and proper
decided definite final season on ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!