Fan Fiction

Reunion Blues

Nell- Oh I'm so happy Joey

Joey- For what

Nell- That the family will all be here soon

Joey- Ya whoopie

Nell- You know what Joey

Joey- What aunt Nell

Nell- Why dont you sweet talk them into moving back

Joey- Aunt Nell

Nell- Well I...

Addy- Nell how could you

Samantha -Ya Nell I can see how...

Nell- Hold it right there....Sam your'e a sucker for everything I'll switch
things around Joey go upstairs and do your homework

Joey- Aunt Nell!

Nell- Sam you do the sweet talking

Addy- Well let's see where another one of your brilliant ideas gets you this
time girl

Nell- Oh don't worry Addy...Don't worry


Nell- Oh Joey Did you do all of your homework

Jopey- Aunt Nell your kidding right

Nell- No, No honey...I.......I'm not

Joey- Nell every day you ask me thaty question as well as on weekends

Nell- Oh do I I'm sorry then I'll only have to ask you on weekdays

Joey- Aunt Nell

Nell- What(snaps at him) do you think I have time to listen to info that is as
stupid as her(looks at Samantha)

Sam- Nell!

Joey- School isn't until next monday

Nell- Oh , Oh then in that case your grounded till next monday

Joey- Aunt Nell!

Nell- Dont Aunt Nell me because I say when you have school and when you dont

Sam- Nell I.....

Nell- Ooooooh Shut up

Sam- But...

Nell- Shut your mouth

Sam- I hate you Nell

Nell- SO do I

Sam- I'm going to my room

Nell- FIne stay in there till you are dead(laughs)

Matthew- Aunt Nell

Nell- Yes Matthew what is it

Matthew- So you are as stupid as Sam because you didn't know when school

Nell- No Mathew I dont and if yopu have a problem with that I think youd
better get up to your room before I go bannamnas(tackles him against the wall
and yells at him)

Matthew- Ok aunt Nell(runs upstairs)

Nell(depressed lets out a sigh and looks down and turns toward the kitchen)


Simpson- Hi Ya everybody

Nell- Don't you ever knock

Simpson- Oh I'm sorry guys

Addy- It's ok Simpson

Nell- Ya Simpson make yourself at home the family will be here any minute

Simpson- Why thank ya Nell and Patti will be over in a couple of hours with
some appetizers

Nell- Oh how is Patti

Simpson- Great

Nell- Thats good to hear

Sam- Nell I..........

Nell- Do you hear that Sam it's the family

Julie- Hi Nell

Jonathan- Hi Nell

Nell- Oh Julie , Jonathan, baby Nell It's all been so , so long

Julier- It's only ben 6 months...remember we all went to Katies for new years

Nell- Oh ya , ya

Katie- Nell

Nell- Oh Katie

Katie- Hi mamma(they hug)

Nell- Now that all of us are together why dont we have a little discussion ok

jonathan- Sure

Julie- Fine

Katie- Ok

Sam- Great

Nell- Was I talking to you Sam no I wasn't

Sam- Nell I..

Nell- Ooooooooooo shut up(snaps at her)

Sam- I'm sorry

Nell- Now Samanthathere is one thing you can tells them cvome on over here
come here , now tell them how I am nopt snobby, or nozy, or but into peoples
space anymore......Hasn't this been one big cherful family home since we moved


Sam(stands there)

Nell-Well(snaps at her)

Sam(looks down at the floor)

Nell- What is this child pre school answers dont come from the floor you know

Sam- Whatever she said guys ya it has been

Nell- You see even she sticks up for me

Sam- Thas because you'd snap at me again

Nell- Oooooooooooooo go upstairs(snaps at her)

Sam- Fine!(runs upstairs)

Simpson- You know some of this cola here will make us all a little better dont
ya think Nell ha

Nell- Simpson!

Simpson- Ya

Nell- Drink up(opens the cola and pours it all over his head)


Nell- I'm sorry Simpson I.. I really didnt mean that its just that I'm having
a lot of blues at this reunion today

Simpson- Oh I understand That Nell

Nell- Well thanks Simpson

Katie- Well Nell I think I may consider of moving back to the place whee I
used to live before I moved to San Fransisco and get my own apartment there if
there is any open and available

Julie- Ya and Me and Jonathan are thinking of moving to a one family house in
Glenlawn so we can visit you almost everyday

Sam- And I..........

Nell- Not now Samantha

Sam- Nell you see you make me sad....It's been 5 years youve been snaping at
me I want it to stop(cries and Nell goes over to her and comforts her)

Nell- I'm sorry honey is it ok now


Grandpa-So Nell Do you think that if I ever go to a retirement home you will
act this way

Nell- You'd better believe it


Nell- Well Thank you all for coming

Julie- Bye Nell

Jonathan- Bye Nell

Katie- Bye Nell

Nell- I'll see you all later

Simpson- Ya know Nell I still have cola left if you want any

Nell- I think..I think we can all use a drink right now(she starts pourinng
the cola into the cups

Patti- I'm here

Nell- Oh you missed everybody

Patti- Oh that's ok

Nell- What have you got there

Patti- Appetizers. Hmm lets see, ham, cheeze, crackers, bread, mayo, pickles,
it's a feast isn't it

Nell- No it's a family reunion.....Now I know thaqt 3 Ok 4 including baby Nell
are not in this house anymore but we've got Patti now, and little Matthew
whome we never knew beofre and with me, and Sam, and grandpa, and Joey, and
Addy , and Matthew, and Simpson, and Patti and that makes  of us......we're a

Patti- Ok now family why dont we eat I'm hugry

Nell- Good idea(they runn over to the table from the couch and the scene

(Next Week On Gimme A Break!)

Nell- Joey, Matthew your gonna be late for school

Joey- Coming Aunt Nell

Matthew- Coming Aunt Nell

Nell- Joey whats wrong?

Joey- I have a problem....I cant stop scratching

Nell- Well why dont we just buy ou a back scratcher for you then

Joey- Ok Aunt Nell See you later

Nell-Bye honey