Fan Fiction

Graduation Day (Part 1)


Nell- Oh Joey I'm soooo happy your graduating the same day as Sam

Joey- Ya right after her graduation from college is mine

Matthew-I cant wait! I'll be in 6th grade in September, and will only need 2
more years until I graduate

Nell- Oh guys i bought the two of you soooooooo many presents for graduating
in the year 1990!!!!!!! oh I am so happy the two of you are graduatin gin 90'

Sam- Ya Nell , the first class of the new decade

Nell- Why honey your so smart

Sam- I cant wait Joey, the two of us graduating

Joey- ya It's too good to be true

Chris- Hey Sam just think, tomorrow you'l be done for good 

Sam-I know, No more teachers, no more books, no more

Nell-Hey, we have pleanty of time to sing tomorrow

Addy- Oh that reminds me Nell we have to practice, the two of us are singing
tomorrow at their graduations

Nell- Ok lets practice

Tim- So you gonna be ready for tomorrow girls

Nell- We're just getting ready to practice now

Addy- Ok lets sing

Grandpa- Oh Nell, I'll be going out till 3

Nell- ok fine grandpapa, God! Now we can practice

Simpson- Hi ya Nell

Nell- Please Simpson shut up! I'm trying to practice!

Simpson- Ya, but Pati will be......

Nell- Quiet!

Patti- Hello

Nell- Oh , hi come on in

Nell-Come on everybody , get ready

Grandpa- I am nell

Nell- Oh Grandpa , you look so handsome

Grandpa- Thanks

Addy- I'm ready

Matthew- Ok Aunt Nell Joey's upstiars and I'm all set

Nell- good

Tim- Ok nell we're already to go , lets go

Chris- I can't wait till they call you to get your diploma hun

Sam- I'll be watching from the stage and I'll blow a kiss to the audience, but
it'll only be for you

Chris- i love you

Sam- I love you too

Nell- Ok come on lets go

Addy- Ok everyone first stop Sams graduation

Nell- Oh wasn't that a lovely graduation

Addy- ya

Sam-Nell, why did the principal pronounce my name wrong

Nell- Because Samantha Lewinski is not kinki without a kan so he put the lew
instead of the Kan because he's a canhead

Sam- Oh

Nell- Last stop Joey's graduation

Addy- Oh Joey, I'm so proud of you, Valecdictorian in the class, 3
scholarships to glenlawn Cathlic high

Joey What can I say, It's my day

Sam- Oh Joey it's both are day's

Joey- No it's not you got mispelled, and I got awards

Sam- I hate you

Nell-Hey! Joey say that yu are happy that Sam graduated

Joey- Aunt nell

Nell- Say it

Joey- I am happy you didnt get any awards

Nell- Hey!

Joey- Sam I'm sorry for saying it wasn't your day

Sam- Forge it joey

Nell- See you two are so pretty

Simpson- Hey ya Nell, this celebrating brings another celebration to my head! 

Nell- What?

Simpson- My Wedding

Patti- Oh my God it's scheduled for tomorrow

Nell- Call the choir, bake the cake, get the dress, boil soem water,
wait...thats for a baby...oh get everything ready!(everyone watches nell as
she runs through the living room frustrated and the scene freezes)

     To Be Continued.................... Right After This.....................

    Next on Gimme A Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

     Simpson has a secret from the past!!!!!
                   And on his wedding day he locks himself in the closet and
reveals it to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

       Simpson- I have a twin brother

     Nell- is that why you dont want to get married

   Simpson- No I'm afraid that patti 'will kiss him by mistake

       and a shocking phone call........... will puzzle fans for months

  Nell- Hello?....Oh my God!

    Pt 2 of the 1hr season finale of Gimme A Break!!!!!! Next On