Fan Fiction

Ex-Lovers Reunite


Addy- Bye Nell, I'm going out with George tonight, It's been two weeks since
he proposed to me

nell- Thats great Addy, I'll just stay home by myself tonight

Addy- bye

Nell- Bye

Tim- Oh hi Nell i;'m taking the boys

Nell- To the movies I know

Tim- Well thanks for guessing, boys cone on down I'llbe in the car, we don't
want to be late do we

Joey- Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay come on Matthew lets go

Matthew- Hey Joey, I heard that pee wee's adventure wqs a great movie from
Danny harlem at school

Joey- ya Maty, I heard it was the best one ever

Matthy- Oh Ya I heard that

Nell- Hey! Say bye to me before you two leave

Joety- We're sorry Aunt Nell

Matthew- Ya Aunt Nell, but we have to go bye!

Nell- Bye

Sam- Hey nell

Chris- nell hows it going

Nell- Not Good! I want a date

Sam- Well Nell it's a shame we cant help you were going to

Nell- The movies! We'rew going to the movies, everynight! Dont talk about it!
Get out!

Sam-Hasn't nell been like this for a year lately

Chris- I dont know I forget

Nell- Out!

Simpson- Hi Ya Nell wanna come to the movies with us

Patti- Ya if we get there early we'll get good seats

Nell- Get out!

Patti- We're sorry Nell, I'll see you tomorrow

Nell- bye

Simpson- Bye ya Nell

Nell- Bye

Grandpa- Oh Nell I'm going out

Nell- DOnt talk grandpa , becuase it's either the center or the screen

Grandpa- Your wrong, the garage

Nell- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(doorbell rings)

James- Nell

Nell- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(feints)

James- Are you ok, lets go out to dinner

Nell- Ahu!

James- So , yousingle

Nell- Why yes James I still am

James- I missed you

Nell- I missed you too

James- Well my kids are all grown up and I told them about us years ago

Nell- I love you 

James- And Sam, and all of the girls are grown up, and Tim trusts you with
Joey and Matty

Nell- I love you James I dont ever want to lose you again

James- Well Nell, you wont....Say how have you been ever since I went away to
study at law school

Nell- Oh James, I graduated highschol, and college, and got jobs, and lost
jobs, and the chief died, and the girls moved away and got married, and I lost
joey and addy moved to new york, and grandpa sold the house, and we all moved
there, and then we decided top move back, and the house was for sale, and I
bout a diner, and it burnt down, and we won on the price is right! ya thats
all so far

James- Sems like a lot has happened, and I'm so sorry about the chief, I feel
sad when anyone I know well dies

Nell- Well , he was a great man

James- yes he was

Nell- So you told me in the car on the way here you had something to tell me

James- Yes, um Nell will you marry me

Nell- Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!

James- i love you

Nell-I love you too

Nell- Everybody, I'm home

Everyone- Hi

Nell- And James returned, took me out to dinner, proposed to me, and  said

Everyone-Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa(they all hug nell)

Nell- I love this life(jumps up in the air as everyone smiles and looks at her
and the scene freezes)

     It's that time again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          Sam- I'm so glad I'm graduating today

         Joey- Me too Sam, and I cant wait to see if we win any awards

       The 2 parter 1hr season finale of Gimme A Break!!!!!!!!!!

      Simpson- I can't do it

     Nell- Come on out of there

    Patti- Look Simpson, whats wrong, why dont you want to marry me

   Nell- Hello?????????(shocked)

     The two parter 1 hr season finale of Gimme A Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Next week on ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!