Fan Fiction

Addy's Date


Addy- Hi Nell

Nell- Girl why are you all happy all of a sudden

Addy- I'm going out tonight with George next door, wev'e been going together
for two years straight

Nell- Oh Ady please! Ever since we moved back here, hell, ever since the chief
passed away, I have not had one date in over 5 years

Addy- God Nell the years do add up quickly dont they

Nell(grabs a broom and is about reaydy to beat her with it)

Addy- Relax nell you'll find someone

Sam- Oh bye Nell, Chris and I are going to the movies

Chris- Ya Nell we'll be home around 10

Nell- Is that all you do, everyone of you, go to the moives, go to the movies,
well! For once since everyone is going like they do almost everynight to the
movies, I'll come too

Joey-Great Aunt nell the Little Mermaid is out in thatres, we never miss
Disney flicks, do we Matthew

Matthew- Never

Tim- Well come on Guys lets get going , You coming Nell

Nell- My Pleasure

Simpson- Hi Ya everyone

Patti- Hello

Nell- Let me guess your going to the movies too

Simpson- Thats right

Patti- Good guess

Nell- Addy have a wondeful date girl, I'm going to the movies

George- Here we are

Addy- Oh thank you hun

George- So what shall we order tonight

Addy- I think the lobster looks delicious

George- Good choice

Waiter- May I help you

George- Yes 1 bottle of your finest champaigne, and 2 twin lobster stuffed
special dinners for a very special evening

Waiter- Coming rigth up

Addy- Special, all it is is two ears togehter

George- Aha! But there is a special question I've got to ask you later

Addy(looks mysterious on her face as george tries to kiss her and she backs
away)(TO HERSELF) good lord her wants to grope me!)

George- This question will change our lives forever

Addy(TO HERSELF) lives? Does he want to move in with me, or me with him? I
can't leave my friends and family now!

George- Addy will you marry me

Addy- Me, Yes! Yes! I'll marry you

George- Great(they kiss)

Addy- Guess what Nell

Nell- What now Addy did you and George win the lottery

Addy- Better! We're getting married!

Nell(looks at Addy in a puzzled face)

Nell- Addy, Addy, Adddy, oh, oh, oh , Addy!

Addy- Whats wrong Nell

Nell- I'm sad that I dont have a man

Addy- I will help you find one Nell dont worry

Nell- You promise

Addy- I promise, because thats what friends are for

nell- I love you Addy

Addy- I love you Nell(they hug on the couch and the scene freezes)

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    Nell and James go out to dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   James talks about how everyoe is grown up , and how Joey and Matty will go
anywhere  she goes becuase Tim trusts her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   In that case there's only one thing to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Nell- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Yes I will!!!!!!!!!

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