Fan Fiction

Hello Grandpa My Old Friend


Nell- Ok Grandpa it's your day today

Grandpa- Oh Nell , come on! Don't trat me like a king

Nell- but grandpa , i'ts your 88th birthday!

Grandpa- Oh so what nell

Addy- Do I hear some birthday blues? What's wrong Grandpa?

Grandpa- Nothing, nothing at all

Joey- Hey Grandpa, me and Matty are going to the park, wanna come!

Matty- Come on Grandpa, please!

Grandpa- Ok I'm coming

Nell- Woa! Now you'd all better be home by 3, because thats when we're having
grandpa's birthday cake

Joey- Um, ok Aunt Nell

Matty- Ya bye Aunt Nell

Grandpa- Bye Nell

Tim- So need any help Nell?

Nell- Yes, can you run down to the bakery and pick up grandpa's cake for us

Tim- Sure thing Nell

Nell- thanks

Sam- Hi nell

Nell- Oh Sam

Chris- Hi nell

Nell- Chris, baby, guys, come on, we have to get the party ready for grandpa

Sam- Ok Nell

Chris- Alright Nell

Nell- Ok lets get to work


Simpson- Hi ya nell, are we late?

Nell- No, no not at all come on in

Patti- Hello Nell

Nell- Hi

Patti- I brought Grandpa's favorite, chocolate chip cookies

Simpson- Ya and I brought him the muppet movies collection, he always told me
he wanted that

Grandpa- We're home

Everyone- Happy birthday Grandpa!!!

Nell- Ok you all be careful tonight, tell me how the movie was

Grandpa- Oh Nell, Nell , Nell, Nell!

Nell- Whats wrong grandpa?

Grandpa- I think I'm geting too old, I think the best thing for me is to go to
a nursing home, you know, I am strong still, but I can just go like that

Nell- Grandpapa, dont say that

Grandpa- Nell I really dont want to be bothered right now

Nell- GHrandpapa, but remember all the strenght you had when youi fought wioth
the chief, and even so, you outlived him

Grandpa- Ya , but Nell, I am depressed at getting older

Nell- Let's look back at how young you use to be, and we'll see all the
strenght you had back then

(they recall Grandpa robs a bank,Grandpa's visit, Granpa's rebellion,
Grandpa's will, and Grandpa's secret life, for a total of 5 miuntes)

Grandpa- You know what nell, you'r right, but I think sooner or later I have
to cdheck into a retirement home, because who knows, I could fall at home, or
I could get a stroke, and you dont have a medical degree

Nell- Oh Grandpa you'll be fine

Grandpa- Ya Nell , thats easy for you to say, but it's not easy for me to

Nell- Ya Grandpa , but you have to cherish you'r life on earth, and live it
fully and complet, just as if you think you will be here tomorrow

Grandpa- Nell

Nell- Yes Grandpa

Grandpa- You are the reason I still live here, but when my time comes to go to
a retirement home, I want you to pose for many snapshots, so I can take you
with me

Nell- Oh grandpapa(she laughs and he aughs on the couch and they hug and the
scene freezes)

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