Fan Fiction

Let The Games Begin


Nell- Oh Gid Addy , thank God for February vacation, we got to go see the
price is right on stage

Sam- This is so cool

Chris- Ya I hope we get picked

Simpson- Ya I hope so too

Patti- Oh I just love the price is right

Matthew- Do you think you'll get picked dad

Tim- I dont know son , there is a good chance

Joey- Don't worry dad, you'll be on it

Grandpa- Oh Nell, I cant stand Bob Barker, he acts like me, a gigilo

Nell- Grandpa!

Addy- Oh hush Nell here it comes

Bob Barker(goes on stage and calls the contestants down) Nell Carter, Tim
Donovan, Samantha Kaniski, Chris Smith, and Ralph Waldo Simpson)

Everyone -(cheers)

Bob(introduces a fridge with ice/water section) and the winner is......Nell

Nell- Oooooooooooooooooooooh!

Bob- Nell you can win this(a new car)

Nell- Oh 17,254

Bob- Yes! You are 2 dollars left in lucky 7, Nell you win

Nell- Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Bob(Introduces a stove)......winner is Sam!!!!

Sam- Oh my God

Bob-Sam you can win this( a new game room)

Sam- The price is higher

Bob- You win

Sam- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Bob(introduces a dishwasher).......winner is......Simpson!

Simpson- hi ya Bob

Bob- Simpson you can win this(a trip to jamaca)

Simpson(puts the golf bal and gets it in)

(the showcase showdown is on and Sam loses, Simpson loses, Nell gts a dollar,
then another for a total of 11,000)


Bob- Next contestant is Addy Wilson

Addy- Oh my God!!!

Bob-(introduces the next item.....a new microwave)......the winner is....Tim

Tim- Oh Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Bob- You can win this( a new car)

Tim- (gets all the numbers right ion the car slot and doesnt win the piggy
bank, or the tv, and wins the car)

Bob- Next item is(a computer) and Patti come on down

Patti- Oh my God!

Bob- The winner is....Patti

Patti- i love you , I love your show

Bob- You can win this( a trip to hawwaai)

Patti- the price is exact

Bob- You win!!!

Patti- Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob- Next item( vaccuum)......Addy you win!

Addy- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Bob- You can lay plinko

Addy- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Bob- You won all the chips, the most you can win is 25,000

Addy( gets all the chips on 5,000)

Grandpa- Oh ya and I'm not on the show

(the showcase showdown)



Addy(spins 1 dollar , then again, for a tiotla of 11,000)

Bob- Nell this can be your showcase......(living room, fold out couch, new
rug, end tables, grandfather clock, wet bar, car)

Nell- 25,000

Bob- Addy this can be your showcase......(dining room, rug, glasses, hutch,
dishes, silverware, popcorn machine, hot dog machine, ice cream machine, house

Addy- 35,000

Bob- You win both showcases

Nell and Addy- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

(Everyone comes out on stage)

Nell- Oh Simson we're giving you and Patti the dining room and extra
livingroom sets , as well as everything else extra, oh God out of all 6 people
to spin the wheel , 6 of us made it

Grandpa- Ya but the oldest out of the 7 didn't make it'

(everyone laughs and the scene freezes)

       Next Week On Gimme A Break!

      At Granpa's 88th birthday everyobne recalls past events of him, and he
is upset, and sad at turning 88, because he realizes that death could come for
him at anytime, even if he is the healthiest, most fit cenior citizen in