Fan Fiction

Dream On


Nell- Ok everyone, I think I will stay up 5 more minutes to(yawns) watch the
ball drop on tv(Dreams)

Sam- Oh hi Nell

Nell- Where've you been

Sam- At Chris' house, remember, we bought it together after we got married

Nell- What year is this , it's still 89'

Sam-No it's not its summer 90'

Nell- What!

Sam- Ya, oh hi Chris, guess what

Chris- What

Sam- I'm expecting

Nell- What!

Sam- Well we hyave to go nell, we live 3 towns away, it's a 3 hr drive

Nell- What!

Sam- bye

Chris- bye

Nell- Joey, Maty, Grandpa, Tim, where you all off to

Grandpa- To the park, remember, we dont live here anymore, we all moved out
after you got maried

Nell- Got married?

Joey- Ya to the convinient store man

Matthew- Ya the jerk

Tim- Nell where is your mind lately

Nell- What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That loser, I married him

Addy- Hey nell, I'm back from hong Knog

Nell- Hong Kong

Addy- Ya and I am enjoyuing my life with my husband William

Nell- What!

Addy- Bye for now

Simpson- Hi ya nell

Patti-Oh hi Nell

Simpson- We're onour way home , we just stoped to visit

Patti- We're moving to Hawaai because we loved it there so much on our

Nell- Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Nell- What year is this? Oh ya the calendar in the kitchen.

(the years go by from 1991 all the way through 2016)

Sam- Oh hi Nell

Nell(old) Hi

Sam- Wel I'm off to take my 10 year old son to baseball

Nell- What

(the year goes into later 2016)

Sam- I wonder where Nell is

Nel- I'm right here

Joey- Ya we all miss her

Tim- It's not gonna be the same here without her

Grandpa- Ya , you can say that again

Nell- I didn'd die, I'm right hee, trust me

(Nell dreams into the end of 2016)

Bartender- Here you are ma'am

Nell- Well! All the family left me, and I left them, thats how i will end up

Sam- nell, Nell wake up , it's 8 in the morning

Nell- 8 in the morning

Sam- Ya you missed the ball, and guess what, we had an earthquake

Nell- So thats why I was hurting in my dream, my head was shaking and I
dreampt from 1990-2016

Sam- Nell thats so cool

Sam- Well bye Nell Chris and I are going out on a date

Nell- It's the 90's Sam

Sam- I know

Nell- Watch out and dont do anything stupid

Sam- believe me nell, I didn't do anything stupid in the 80's did i.....or
didn't I

Nell- (thinks to herself , and then looks toward the door in a mysterious and
shocking face and the scene freezes)

      Next week on Gimme A Break!

            Nell and the gang go on the price is right, and are chosen as

              Nell, Addy, and Sam all play as contestants and may win great

              Simpson, Patti, and Tim , are also chosen to go on as well as

                Nell and Addy make it to the Showcase Showdown!