Fan Fiction

I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas


Nell- Oh I wish for snow this christmas

Joey- Huh! Wel thats too bad Aunt Nell

Matthew- Ya you have to go to New York if you want snow

Addy- Thats right Matthew , now come in the kitchen and help me bake these

Matthew- Ok

Nell- Oh hi Grandpa, just in time for christmas dinner

Grandpa- Oh Nell, I cant stay, I'm going to the center, to play poker

Nell- Well , fine , go ahead, it's just a dinner

Grandpa- Oh Nell fine I'll stay

Tim- Hi everyone , oh my is it this time of year again

Nell- Ya and I want some snow

Chris- What, snow

Sam- Ya, Nell what about snow

Nell- Nothing

Simpson- Hi everybody

Patti- Hi

Nell- Hi come on in your just in time for dinner

Chris- I think Nell wants to see snow

Nell- Is that what I thought I heard Chris

Chris- What I didn't say anything

Nell- Nevermind

Chris- Come on Sam

Sam- What

Chris- Help me with the hose, we're gonna bring the snow to Nell

Sam- Ok

Nell- So Patti , hows the wedding plans going

Patti- Oh great, we picked out whose gonna be in the wedding, all of you

Simpson- Ya, Tim will be the best man, chris will be an usher, Joey will be an
usher, Matty will be a ring bearer, and the rest of the girls will be in it
too, accept for grandpa, but he'll give the bride away

Granpda- Why thank you Simpson

Nell- Oh I remember when you gave the bride away before grandpa(everyone
recalls Eddie gets married, but the only ones who wwre at the wedding were
Nell and Grandpa, while evryone listens to the story for 5 minutes)

Grandpa- Oh Nell I love christmas

Nell- Well I sure hope that it would snow

Chris- I sure hope this works(Sam turns on the hose and he sprays it toward
the window)

Nell- Oh 

Everyone- Oh(everyone gathers on the stairs and looks outside as it snows)

Nell- Well Joey how was your christmas, and your too mathew

Joey- It was ok

Matthew- Ya mine was great too

Joey- But the only thing missing was the snow

Nell- What! Now that was a miracle, hey 

Joey- It was Chris with the hose

Nell- Joey, now, hey(She yells at him as matthew and Joey sit side by side of
Nell and she hugs the two of them and kisses them and the scene freezes)

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     It's New Years Eve, and Nell's asleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                   What better way to predict 1990, than to sleep through it !
And through all of it!

                 As Nell Dreams about........the year 1990! 

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