Fan Fiction

Matthew's Mistake


Nell- Oh Boy were are all gonna be late for church if everyone doesn't hurry

Addy- Would you hold on a second girl. You know I don't got all day

Nell- Oh Please Addy, go upstairs and check on the kids

Tim- hi Nell I'm already

Nell- Why hi Tim, at least 1 person is ready

Grandpa- I'm ready nell

Nell-god, see, evene Grandpa is ready

Joey-Aunt nell, Aunt Nell, I'm ready

Mattew- Me too Aunt Nell

Nell- Why you boys look handssome today

Joey- Thanks 

Matthew- Thanks

Sam- Where ready Nell

Chris- Ya don't I smell good

Sam- you smell excellent Chris, last one to the car is a rotten egg

Nell- Finally

Matthew-(the last one to leave, walks out the door, and forgets the light on)

Nell- (hums to herself and tires to put on the light)

Addy- Whats wrong nell

Nell- The lights out

Addy- Well I'll go try the litchen one

Nell- Any luck

Addy- no that one's out too

Nell- Who was the last to leave the house

Matthew- I'm sorry Aunt Nell, I believe I forgeot to put the lights off

Nell- Matthtew, it's all your fault! You are maing me think of my restaurant
again, I lost that, now the electricity, go to bed

Matthew- I hate you(he runs upstairs crying)

Addy-Nell how could you

Nell- I know I was hard on him

Addy- Hi Simpson, hi Patti

Patti- Hi

Simpson- Gee it's dark in here

Addy- Well can you fix this light for us

Simpson- Well 'I'll try
Nell- Matthew, can, can I come in honey

Matthew- No

Nell- Listen I'm really sorry

Matthew- You blamed me for your problems, and you still care more about Joey
than me, just last week he broke your favorite glass a day after the fire

Nell- I know It's just that Joey is the favored child

Matthew- But Aunt Nell, it shouldn't be that way. You Have to love us equally
, like daddy used to, thats why he gave us to you in New York

nell- You know what Matthew, form this point on I will be equal and I will try
to forgive you when you make mistakes that big ok

Matthew- Ok

Nell- Come here you little monster(she hugs him and the scene freezes)

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  Chris- I hope this works(turns on the hose to a mist and sprays it outside
of the window

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