Fan Fiction

Flames of Destruction


Nell- Ok I'll see you later Addy I'm going home, remember to close up for me

Addy- I will

Nell- I'm home

Joey- Oh Aunt Nel, thank god your home, I need help with my homework

Matty- Ya aunt Nell my history homework is hard I need some help

Sam- Nell I cant find my picture book

Chris- Nell can you find my radio

Grandpa-Oh Nell, I cant find my wallet , can you help me find it

Tim- Nell do you know where I put my car keys

Nell- Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 1 at a time ok, 1 at a time

Addy- Hm, Hmm, hmm, hmmm, hmmmm, You got the right stuff baby(she sings as she
closes up Nell's Diner and forgets the grill on with smoke coming out of it)
boy i's'nt nel gonna be proud of me for closing up


Nell- Oh Addy your home, how'd it go

Addy-Oh nell, it couldn't be better. I clened everything

Nell- Good

Simpson- Hi ya Nell

Nell- Oh hi Simpson

Patti- Hello

Nell- Hi come on in , we are just about to have dinner wont you join us

Patti- Oh , no can do Nell. You see, tonight, we are planning on what to have
at tghe weddign , and where to have it

Nell- Well we can plan here

Patti- Oh good idea

Nell- Well the place that would be best is at Simpsons apartment

Patti- Oh good idea, there is a lot of space up in his apartment

Nell- And the food

Pati- Well orderves would be fine, say sweedish meatballs, shrimp, cheese,
cocktail weinies, salad

Nell- Oh good idea, good idea

(The phone rings)

Addy- Oh I'll get it. Hello? It's for you Nell

Nell- Hello? Oh my God!

Everyone-whats wrong(gets up in shock)

Nell- I see, Isee(starts to cry) ok m, goodbye. Ya, I'll be there in a miunte.

Addy- Whas wrong, what happened

Nell- Addy, did you by anychance leave the gril on at the diner

Addy- oh my God, Nell I'm coming with you

Nell- Well thats it, it's all gone

Addy- I'm sorry Nell, here take my money, all of it, it was my fault your
diner burnt down

Nell- No addy , it, it wasn't your fault, it could haoppen to anybody

Addy- I love you Nell, I'm sorry

Nell- I know(they hug and the scene freezes)

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