Fan Fiction

Tim's New Job


Nell- Ok everyone , I'm going to work now, behave!

Joey- Bye aunt Nell see you later

Matthew- Bye aunt Nell

Chris- Bye Nell

Sam- Bye Nell I'll meet you there in a half hour

Nell- Alright

Grandpa- Oh nell good thing I caught you before you left

Nell- Why whats wrong grandpa?

Grandpa- Earlier today we got this in the mail, it's a letter for Tim saying
he has to find a job soon

Tim- Me , a job soon

Addy- It's ok Tim I'll help you find oune

Tim- Oh thank you Addy

Addy- Your welcome

Nell- Well come on Addy lets go

Addy- Ok

Tim- Ah, Nell, Nell can it be no problem if I, if I started to work for your
diner , I mean It'll just be temporarily, say about 3 months, until I can find
a better job

Nell- Tim, your hired

(Everyone cheers)

Nell-Now Tim , we have 3 sections to Nell's diner, ok. We have the grill,
containing the freezer, refridgerator, walk in big freezer and refridgerator,
deepfryers, overns, and the grill itself, we have the front counter where you
take customers orders as they sit on stools, and w have the waitering and

Tim- I' like to try them all

Nell- Ok we'll try you out on all of them, and we'll see which ones you are
best at

(the music party hard now comes on as we se Tim going through all of the jobs
Nell assigned to him)

(we see him slowly taking orders, not knowing where the keys are, and Nell
snapping at him)

(We see Sam , training him in lobby and waitering and he balances all of the
trays and drops them all)

(We see Addy teach him the grill)

Nell- Well Tim I think you found your favorite sopt here, the grill

Tim- Thank you Nell

Patti-Hi Nell, hi Sam, hi Addy

Nell- Oh hi Pati

Sam- Hi

Addy- Hi

Simpson- Hi everyone

Sam- hi

Addy- Hi

Nell- hi

Simpson- Did you know the place down the street, Beas restaurant is
servingmore customers than here

Nell- What

Simpson- Oh ya it's unbelieveable, there's a sign outside saying come to Beas
at least we dont give you no hard harper waiting

Nell- Hard Harper, why those little..........
Nell- Tim I need your help

Tim- Sure thing Nell what for

Nell- Beas restaurant is mocking us, and I want you to make the biggest sign
that all of glanlawn can see saying if you go to Bea's you get cold peas, when
you go to Nells , theres a lot of good food you can smell

Tim- Sure thing Nell I'll get right to it

Nell- Sam , I want you to make a poster too and put it on your car, Addy you
too, and Simpson, Oooooooh, I forgot that you are a cop

Simpson- Why it's ok Nell, at least there ain't any intrusion of property

Nell- Just wait about 5 minutes theres bound to be some any minute

Patti- I think we should support Nell, who cares about a law

Simpson- ya there ain't no law saying you cant help a friend in need

Joey- maty come quick, aunt Nell is on tv

Matty- Tv

Joey- Oh my God

Grandpa- Tv, whose on tv, porky pig

Joey- No aunt Nell, she's , she's in jail

Grandpa- Oh Nell how could you

Nell- I didnt only get arrested, so did Sam, and Chris, and Addy, and Tim, and
Bea, and her workers

Bea- I'm sorry I started that riot Nell

Nell- Oh Bea , we were such good friends before I forgot abut your diner and
build one of my own

Bea- hey I've got a great idea

Nell- you have

Bea- Ya , how about we put a sign up saying , eat at Bea's restaurant, and
Nells diner

Nell- Thats great baby but, why is your name first

Bea- You see , because it is alphabetical

Nell- Oh.....How could you , I wanted to be first

Bea- Nell!

Nell- How could you................(she continues to argue at Bea as Sam,
Chris, Tim, and Addy watch and smile and stare at her in wonder and the scene

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     Next week she'll be praying

   Nell(on the phone) Oh my God(starts to cry)

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