Fan Fiction

Getting Adjusted

Nell- Oh My God the house is all ours and the furniture..Oh boys look at the
furniture it's just the same as the old furniture only newer

Addy- Why say Nell Why don't we throw a house warming party

Nell- You know girl that is a great idea

(doorbell rings)

Nell- Oh I'll get it...Oh hiSimpson...Oh Simpson?


((credits))))))new pic with addy, simson, patti, Joey, mathew, Grandpa, and
Sam taken on the big couch and you can see it like as you walk in the
livingroom door

Nell- Simposon why are you crying

Simpson- Because Reily said he was movin tomorra but ya just poped in my mind
as I was comin over here and I thought to myself ...I miss Nell and Addy and
litle joey

Joey- I have a brother

Matthew- Ya me

Joey- Simpson meet Matthew

Simpson- It's nice to meet you little guy

Matthew- I'm not little I'm just the same as I will always be big and strong
like the green giant on t.v

Simpson- Well keep trying little sprout because you have a long way to go
before you become a green giant like me...Oh that reminds me I'll bring my
green giant costume over i use each hal;loween starting last halloween and
it's still in good condition

Nell- I'd better hope so cause you may of grown since one year

Grandpa- Oh Nell I....ohhhhh hello Simpson

Simpson- Ya hi ya grandpa..Listen everybody It's gotten so different here
after you all left

Samantha- Simpson..Oh my God it's you I haven't seen you since we moved
Simpson- Ya me too

Nell- So whats the big thing thats been going on in town while we were gine
all of this time

Patti- Yoo Hoo Simpson

Simpson- Pati I want you to meet the family...Oh I mean my family...Oh

Patti- It's a pleasure to meet you

Simpson- Ya me and Patti wev're been going steady for 6 months

Patti- Seven if you count last easter

Simpson- Well anyways we have to have a get together soon

Nell- You know thats what I was thinking of doing...and I want you to stop by
anytime Patti and we can chat over tea ok

Patti- Ok

Nell- Oh i'm just gonna love you having you added to our Glenlawn family(the
two burst in happiness and jumps  up and down and Patti leaves and goes with
Simpson and Nell closes the door

Nell- Oh Addy we are getting our family all back

Addy- Ya all accept Katie and Julie and Jonathan and the baby

Nell- Oh don't remind me Addy(screams at her)

Addy- Ok if you want it that way I'll....

Joey- Aunt Nell is it ok if iI go to the park and meet my old friends

Nell- Sure...sure baby go, go on ahead

Joey- Ok come on Matthew lets go

Nell- Hey, Hey, Wait a minute

Joey- ok(kisses Nell)

Nell- Hey! this isn't like new York Joey remember how I was before we
moved...Now you get upstairs and do your homework boy because....

Joey- Aunt Nell It's summer there are three weeks until school

Nell- Oh my God...Addy do I have any grey hairs

Addy- No but you will any minute 

Nell- Go ahead Joey take matthew and be back at 8 the latest

Joey- Thanks aunt Nell

Matthew- Ya thank you aunt Nell

Nell- Oh Addy now what do I do

Addy- Well we both have to Find jobs

Nell- Well I went to school to be a psychaiatrist and you went to school and
are a teacher and a 5 beta capa key and...

Addy- Well Do you really think I can teach school like kids

Nell- Sure honey...Maybe i will to ya know like pre-school...The kids are all
grown Up now Sam can watch them and grandpa

Grandpa- Um better speak up Nell I think My ears are starting to twitch

Nell- Quiet !!!!

Addy- So what else

Nell- Well I was thinking........

Sam- Well Nell How do I look(((((coming down the stairs smiling all dressed up
in a fancy dress smiling.......cast pic self for season)))))))))

Nell- oh Samantha you look adorable

Sam- Thanks

Nell- Now there is one more question

Sam- Oh wghat

Nell- Where are you going(yells at her)

Sam- Oh to the movies

Nell- With who

Sam- Eric Stabler

Nell- Oh Samantha I never met the boy in all my life and You always mentioned
him here. Remember 2 years ago.................((((glimpse back to sections of
sams first love)))))

Sam- Nell 

Nell- Ya

Sam- You just spent 5 minutes talking about some junk thats old news

Nell- Young lady get back here

Sam- I'm 19 Nell

Nell- You wont live to be 20 thats for sure

Sam- Sure say it like every yeaqr Nell say it like every year(walks out the
door and nell is ready to yell at her but looks down and slams the door)


Joey- Hi aunt Nell I'm back

Nell- Oh joey just go upstairs and do your homework and go take matthew
upstairs and get ready for school in the morngn honey

Joey- Aunt Nell it's still summer

Addy- The kid's right Nell

Grandpa- Ya it's only the 2nd last week of August Nell and I'm still as
magestic as it's meaning

Nell- Well you're not gonna be Magesti until I get through with all of you.
What is wrong with you pepole it's like New York you were fine and now back
here you are all crazy ....I'm sorry It's just that I am just getting adjusted
to this place

Sam- Oh Nell your still up Wow I saw this great movie with Eric called.......

Nell- I'm sorry Sam for being a boss to you..All of you

Sam- It's ok Nell(everyone takes a turn hugging her.

Nell- Now hey, hey , hey, hey, hey


Nell- Where gonna all see me boss one more time and 1 more time only is that a

Sam- Ok it's a deal what do you want form us now

Nell- I want you to talk your sisters into moving back to the house when I
invite them over for the get together I'm having next weekend(Nell stands up
by the dinngroom table and looks at Sam in a weird smile as she turns to Nell
while standing up by the long couch and grandpa stares at Nell as he sits down
on the dining room chair closets the kitchen and Addy stands up next to him
close to the door and looks at nell in a stupid weird face like saying(huh
what are you talking about...I don't get it look) and the Boys are standing by
Nell Matthew looking up at nell with a small wondering smile while Joey is
holding his hand and smiles at Nell and the scene


Next Week on Gimme a break

Katie- Hi Nell

Julie- Hi Nell

Jonatha- Hi Nell

Nell- Surprised to see us all back in the same house as before where we wee
one big happy family.....Samantha tell everyne how wonderful of a family we
were beofre everyone moved out and tell everyone how I dont but into peole's
buisness anymore......Well!(Yells at her and she stares looking down at the

Nell- We dont have all day honey why are you looking down answers or lies dont
all come from the floor you know