Fan Fiction

A Blast From The Past


Nell- Oh Joey your 13 already! I can't believe it

Matty- Ya and I cant wait till this may when I am 11

Nell- Why you've got a long way to go yet Matty

Matty- I know I count every day

Addy- Why Joey lets see what you got for your gifts

Joey- Ok

Addy- Oh isn't that adorable

Joey- Thanks Sam

Sam- Your welcome, Chris picked the suit out

Joey- Thanks

Chris- No Problem

Joey- Wow , a baseball, signed by Babe Ruth, an original, Thanks dad

Tim- Oh you deserved it son, your a teenager now

Joey- Wow Simpson, Patti, thanks for the police set

Patti- Your welcome Joey

Simpson- What can I say, now you are one of us(laughs)

Nell- Oh Joey it seems like when you were 6 it was like yesterday

(everyone recalls Joey pt 1 and 2)

Addy- Oh and Nell , remember the time that Joey dressed in Blackface and
disgraced your congregation

(everyone recalls Baby Of The Family)

Nell- Why Joey, Joey, Joey, out of all the bad and good, I still love you
Joey- Hey Grandpa , thanks for the fishing set

Grandpa-No problem Joey now we can both go fishing together on our spare time

Nell- Speaking of time, remember in New York, when you were supposed to do
your homework, but instead you went to Marty's to get bets on football games

(everyone recalls Joey The Gambler)

Addy- Oh and how can I forget it, I had 2 ten thousands tat day

Nell- Speaking of rich, remember that girl Molly and her no-good father whom I
set you up with just to look pretty at work

(everyone recalls the episode Joey The Gigilo)

Joey- Ya but aunt Nell , I have a girlfriend now remember last year

(everyone recalls the episode Be My Valentine)

Nell- And Gina is such a nice girl, say why didn't you call her over

Joey- I couldn't , her family is away for the weekend

Nell- Now whose ready for cake

Joey , Matty, and Grandpa- Meeeeeeeeeee

nell- Oh Joey we've been through soem tough times as well togheter

(everyone recalls Below Sea Level Pt 1, Joey Meets Matthew Pt 2, and Nell Goes
Back To New York)

Tim- Ya but Nell I gave the kids back to you, and now look , I had the
brilliant idea that we could all be a family and not worry about who takes who
away form who

Nell- Thats right come here Joey(Nell hugs Joey and Tim does as well and the
scene freezes)

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