Fan Fiction

My Boyfriend Lives Upstairs


Gimme A Break!, Now the times have all changed,
It's time to move up , and be on top now,
No matter what's in my way-a-ay,

Playing with fate,not a moment too late,
I'm showing the whole world, nothing can get doooooooooooooooooooooooooooown,

Gimme a break! Ya , ya
Gimme a break! cause I sure need one
Gimme a breeak! Oooh yaaaaaaaaaaay!
I finally know where I be-lo-ong

Gimme a break! Ya yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
Gimme a break! Cause I sure need O-one
Gimme a break1 Ya yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,
I finally know wherw I be-e-lo-o-o-ong-oh ya, Gimme a break!

Nell- Oh Addy I am os happy that Chris is moving in

Addy- Ya so am I , now the house is full

Nell- Ya but the food wont cost as much now that we have enough people to give
10 dollars a week to add up to around 120 dollars in food

Joey- Bye aunt Nell I'm off to start 8th grade

Matthew- Ya and I'm off to start 5th grade

Sam- ANd I'm off to finish my last year of college

Chris- You know what so am I

Tim- I guess I'll stay home while you two go to work

Nell- Ok see you around Tim

Addy- Bye

Tim- Bye

Grandpa- Oh Tim, still up, must be around midnight

Tim- Actually Grandpa it's uh...It's 8 in the morning

Grandpa- Oh geez 8 in the morning, better go out and take my morning jog

Simpson- Hi ya Nell

Patti- Hello

Nell- hi Guys

Simpson- Whats been going  on

Nell- Oh not much

Patti- So I see someone is pulling into the driveway

Nell- Oh Chris your home

Chris- Ya

Nell- Well Go upstairs and do your homework

Chris- I do it  later

Nell- Do it now

Chris- Nell

Nell- Dont Nell me thats how people are in here

Addy- Nell let him be

Joey- Hi I'm home

Matthew- Me too

Sam- Whats going on

Nell- Your boyfriend here

Sam- Finace

Nell- Whatever, thinks he can do hi9s homework later well go on upstairs and
live there and obey with my rules

Chris- You oost me Nell

Nell-Sam d your homework

Sam- I didnt get any

Tim- Nell calm down ok

Nell- i cant calm down ok

Addy- Come here honey he is not adjusted to this house yet give him time and
go upstairs and apologize

Sam- Chris Are you ok

Chris- She hates me

Sam- No she doesn't ....I love you(They kiss)

Nell- Excuse me Sam I have to talk to Chris

Sam- I love you

Chris- I love you too

Nell- I shouldnt of ben that hard on you

Chris- It's ok Nell

Nell- I think since you live upstairs ad pay rent that, hey, that you can eat,
sleep, breath, and do your homework anytime you want

Chris- Thank you

Nell- Come and give me a hug you goon

Chris- I love you Nell

Nell- I love you too(they hug and the scene freezes)

Next Week On Gimme A Break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nell recalls when she first met Joey, almost lost him, and got him back at his
13th birthday party