Fan Fiction

Gimme a Break!...We're In Disneyland (Part 2)

 Nell-(walking down the street with Mickey)

Joey- (Walking down the street with Donald)

Addy- (Walking down the street with Minne)

Matty-Walking down the street with Chip)

Grandpa- (Walking down the treet with Dale)

(everyone meets in the center of Disneyland)

Nell- Matty where were you we looked everywhere for you

Matty-I'm sorry I went to see Mickey

Nell- Well stay with us next time ok

Matty- Ok

Joey- Aunt nell you know whats funny.I got lost

Addy- Me too

Grandpa- You know what so did i

Nell- Oh Addy I did too

Addy- Well I think we'd better get back to the hotel because we'll be leaving
in a few hours

Nell- Ya come on guiys lets go find Sam and Chris and Simpson and Patti

Simpson- Patti , tonight when we see the firework display I have a sur[prise
for you

Patti- You do

Simpson- Yes Patti

Patti- I can't Hardly wait to see what it is

Simpson- Believe me Patti you wont want to miss it

Patti- Well come on hun lets get back to the hotel and meet up with the others

Sam- Chris, We've been going together for 9 whole months

Chris- Ya Sam I really love you

Sam- I love you too

Chris- Jeez Everyone is watching us

Sam- Hi everyone

Everyone- Hi

Sam- I love you(kisses Chris)

Nell- Now if you two love birds are finished lets get back to the hotel so we
can eat, change, and get ready to see the firework show

Everyone- Ya!!!!

Nell- Oh Addy I love you girl

Addy- Ya I'm so happy that we went this far in our lives , and to think this
was our life-long dream

Nell- Ya, but now it's fulfilled

Joey- Come on Aunt Nell I think they are starting the fire works


Grandpa-Ohh that looks lovely

Sam- I love you Chris

Chris- I love you(they kiss)

Patti- About that surprise Simpson, when is it going to be

Simpson- Any minute now, just keep watching

Nell- Oh look at that one Matthew

Mathew- yaa

Joey- Wow one of Mickey

Sam- Chris I think we should go somewhere private

Nell- I caught you didn't I your too young for that hanky panky girl 

Sam- Nell!

Nell- I dont care if your 20 , hell I dont casre if it were a year from now
and you were 21, but your not going to start this

Sam- O.K Nell

Simpson- About that surprise Patti, I set it for 9 P.M 

Patti- What

Simpson- look up at the sky

Patti- Oh!(the words  Patti Larson Will You Marry Me appear in the sky)

Simpson- Patti Larson

Patti- Yes

Simpson- Will you marry me

Pati- Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!(they kiss

Nell- WHat did I miss

Simpson- She accepted my proposal

Nell- Oh , oh my God you we're the one that got proposed to, congratulations

Patti- Oh thank you nell(they hug)

Addy- Congratulations(they hug)

Nell- Well Whats everyone doing have fun

Joey- I can I miss Disneyland

Nell- That was last week

Matthew- Ya but I miss it

Addy- Oh Matty we'll go again next summer

Matthew- You got yourself a deal!

Grandpa- Oh I must have dozed off again

Nell- you dozed off all day

Simpson- Hi ya everybody

Patti- Hello

Nell- Hey how are the engagies

Patti- Terrific

Simpson- Couldn't be better

Nell- So have you planned for a date for the wedding

Patti- Actually yes,we decided next may, in the mid-spring we shall marry

Nell- Oh thats wonderful

Chris- Hi everybody

Nell- Hi ...Oh Chris whats wrong?

Chris- My Partents have got new jobs in Chicago, We'll have to be moving

Nell- No 

Sam- Chris , what did I miss

Chris- My parents boss said that thier company is moving to Chicago and they
are deciding to go

Sam- But what about you, what about if you go, what about us, you know you
hate to live alone

Chris- Well thanks to a good friend of mine, Simpson , he and I had a little
talk together the other day and I have something for you

Sam- Well what is it

Chris- (kneels down) Samantha Kanisky

Sam- Yes

Chris- Will you marry me?

Sam- Yes, Yes, yes!!!! I will marry you! Oh I love you Chris Smith, and I want
to spend the rest of my life with you

Nell- Congratulations

Addy- Ya Sam congratulations

Grandpa- Samantha, Now that all of my grand Daughters will all soon be
officially married I couldn't be happier than I am today

Sam- but Nell what about Chris, We cant let him move, or live by himself

Nell- Well

Sam- Oh please Nell please

Tim- You know what Nell I think that I have the feeling that this house is
about to become even fuller

Nell- I know what you mean Tim

Sam- Nell can Chris move into the attic upstairs

Nell- Well I....

Tim- Come on Nell , you made me move in whebn you least expected it, come on ,
but they'll soon be married

Nell- You'd just better not do any hanky pank up there you here

Sam- Great!(She kisses Chris)

Nell- Something tells me Tim that you are 100% exactly right when you said
that this house will become fuller !

Tim- That I am Nell...That I am!

Nell- Gimme A break!

Everyone(laughs in the livingroom and the scene freezes)

Nell Carter- Ladies and Gentlemen, the entire cast of Gimme A Break thanks you
for watching it's 1988-1989 season ! May the next season bring much more joy
to your families than the last , thank you!

(the audience begins to clap and the scene switches to the livingroom and the
ending music comes on. Joey and Matty come out and bow and go in opposite
directions, then Simpson and Patti come out and do as well, then Tim and Addy
come out and do as well, Then Sam and Chris come out and do as well, Then
Nekll comes ot from Near her bedroom and goes in the center of the group,
everyone holds hands, and they all bow down)

          Next Season On Gimme A

                       A season of changes(Chris living in the house)
                       A season of Lessons(Matty being told not to leave the
lights on when he is not home;Addy going on strike when Nell refuses to give
her a raise, even if she's been working for her for 1 year) 
                       A season of sadness(Nell telling Grandpa everything
will be ok ; Nell crying on the telephone at the house)
                       And a season of final farewells and goodbyes

        As Gimme A Break ! Presents it's final season! 1989-1990! Starts this
fall on ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!