Fan Fiction

Gimme a Break!...We're In Disneyland (Part 1)


Nell- Come on guys we have to be on time for that plane

Addy- It doesn't leave for two hours

Grandpa- Ya and I though you said we had time to have a snack before we go

Joey- Ya come on aunnt Nell I'm really hungry

Matthew- Ya aunt Nell coem on I want some peanuts

Sam- Ya Nell I want some ice cream

Chris- Nell can I have some juice

Nell- Quiet! Now we are eating in the car , after I stop at a drive-thru at
McDnald's ok ok

Everyone-Ok(they say sadly)

Nell- Oh hi Simpson, Hi Patti, just in time for the trip huh

Simpson- Ya I cant wait to see Mickey

Patti- I always loved Donald, he was always my favorite

Nell- Well , lets get going...See you house.....Goodbye mailbox......We'll be

Nell- Good, noiw we'll be there any minute, oh I'm so exited

Addy- You

Nell- Yes me who else

Joey- Look Matthew I see the castle


Grandpa- Hooorrrraaaaaay

Nell- Ok now you kids enjoy yousleves and.....don't get lost

Joey- Come on Matthew I just head of the new improvements thev'e done here ,
they have a roller coaster in a tree for chip and dales rescue rangers

Matthew-0h buy I love that show

Nell- Oh , eeeeee , Addy look I got my own Mickey mouse hat, Donald Duck Hat,
and Gofy hat, I got all 3 and I also got a set of 3 for everone else.

Addy- Uh-hu , say girl what about the Mickey Mouse watch youv'e always wanted

Nell- Julie gave it to me remember...Oh Addddy Addddddddddddddy!

Addy- Waht

Nell- They have an all-new Mickey mouse watch for 50 dollars........I want it

Addy- Nell

Nell- But I just gotta Addy

Sam- I really love you Chris

Chris- Ya I love you too

Sam-So enjoying yourself here

Chris- Ya I'm having the time of my life

Sam- And why is that

Chris- Because I'm with you(they kiss)

Grandpa- Give me back my Mickey mouse hat you thief(he says as he walks by Sam
and Chris kissing, chasing a kid with his hat

Nell- Hey! Whats going on here

Grandpa- That kid took my hat

Nell- Why hey there little boy, give him back his hat now! Drop it!

Kid- Here you go I am sorry(runs away)

Grandpa- Oh Nell I just hope that everyone is having fun here

Simpson- Gee Patti how long have we been together

Patti- exactly 2 years

Simpson- Gee what a way to celebrate our 2 year aniversary huh

Patti- Simpson, I , I have something to ask you but I think youv'e waited too
long that, that you wouldn't want it to happen

Simpson- Want what to happen Patti

Patti- Never mind

Chris-Hi Ya Simpson hows it going

Simspon- Chri we need to talk. Patti wants to ask me something, but she thinks
I've waited too long for it and wont accept it, but here's what the plan is(he
whispers something to him)'

Joey- Gee Matty that tour of Mickey's house was fun wasn't it.....wasn't
it...Matty....Matty.....Matty!!!!. Excuse me sir, have you seen my brother he
looks like this(he takes out a picture of Matthew and the guy shakes hios head
and walks away)

Joey- Aunt Nell, Aunt Nell, Aunt Nell

Nell- Whats wrong

Joey- Matty's missing

Nell- What!

Joey- He is he just is

Nell- Oh my God come on Addy, come on Grandpa

Grandpa- What, huh

Nell- Matty is gone he's lost we neede you to help us find him

Grandpa-Oh ok

Joey- I'll go this way Aunt Nell

Nell- Good idea...Addy why dont you and I take these sections here and grandpa
check back there

Grandpa- But we just walked up here from there

Nell- Well then, check anywhere but hurry

Joey- Matty

Nell- Matty

Addy- Matty

Grandpa- Matty

Nell- Thats funny Ive looked for everyone for 10 minutes and I dont even know
where I am

Addy- Oh my God where am I. I haven't seen anyone in over 10 minutes and this
place is strange to me

Grandpa- Oh where am I 

Joey- Oh no this place doesn't look familiar to me

((((All of a sudden four screens appear . Nell on the top left, Addy on the
top right, Joey on the bottom left, and grandpa on the bottome right))))

All 4- Matty(the scene freezes )

      To Be Continued........................................................

   Next On Gimme A Break!!!!!!!!!!! 

Will Nell, Addy, Grandpa, and Joey find Matty?
  What will Simpson tell Patti?

  And................. By the end of this episode......... The house will be 1
more person full when someone moves in. On Pt 2 Of the 1hr season finale of
Gimme A Break!!!! Next on ABC!!!!!!!!