Fan Fiction

Mama Gets Married


Nell- Come on Addy

Addy- I'm comi'n, I'n comi'n

Nell- Oh we have to get this house ready , this is going to be a
biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig weddi'n

Joey- Your telling me you should see your Mama's wedding dress

Nell- Oh my God the dress , I left it in the closet

Jey- Dont worry Mama is trying it on right now1 Come on Matty lets go play

Matty- Ok

Grandpa- Oh Nell is this wedding going get any bigger

Nell- As big as it gets

Granpda- Oh well fine it's your house 

Nell- Where you going?

Grandpa- To the center


Grandpa- Yes

Nell- Be home in time for the wedding

Grandpa- Wouldn't miss it for the world

Nell- Oh hi Tim

Tim- Hi

Nell- You sure look nice

Tim-Ya so do you Nell

Nell- Well ok everyone, the guests will be arriving soon! Lets get everything

Nell- Oh Addy I cant believe that ! My mama , my very own mama, is getting

Addy- Big deal

Nell[- What, why

Addy- My mama gets marrried every year

Nell- Ya but your mama is in love and renews her vows

Addy- So

Nell- So

Addy- Oh Nell your being a baby

Simpson- Hi Ya everyone

Nell- Hi

Patti- Hello are we in time for the wedding

Nell- Your just in time

Sam- Oh hi Nell , sorry I'm late but me and Chris went for a drive through the

Nell- Thats ok

Chris- I'm sorry Nell 

Nell- Dont worry about it the point is your here! Now only if we know where
grandpapa is

Grandpapa(in the center) UNO!

Old man- Oh Stanley , you and your wins! Say look at that young girl over
there, bout 70

Grandpa- So

Old Man- Well why dont you talk to her

Grandpa- Listen I .....I dont have much time inthis life and thats why I come
here to have fun, I cant tell my family that, they think I have women , but I
dont...The truth is that I'm a wallflower, but i wont anyone know it, plus I
just stay home all day and want to get away from that family!

Nell- Grandpa

Grandpa- Nell 

Nell- What It's time for the wedding

Grandpa- Nell you heard me, Oh face it, I'm a wallflower and I go here becasue
I dont have much time left these days and to get away from you...and the

Nell- Waht I didnt hear that , but why

Grandpa-Nell I just like coming here thats all, to be with my friends!

Nell- Wel lets go home now and then tomorrow you can tell all of your friends
about this now come on

Priest- Do you Mama take this man

Mama- I do

Priest- And do you Erni9e , take this woman

Ernie- I do

Priest- I now pronounce you, husband, and may now kiss the bride

Mama- Oh Nell I'm moving back to Alabama after the honeymoon and I promise to
stay out of yourway as long as i can , but the doors always open at home Nell

Nell- Thank you Mama

Mama- Goodbye chid, Gooddbye

Nell- bye...Well Grandpa why do you love the center so much

Grandpa- I never wated to tell anyone this but , that center was where me and
Mildred first met

Nell- Oh I see

Grandpa- I forgot to tell Carl , but then I saw it one day when I was passing
by and that was after Mildred died. Thats why I go there, I use to be a Doctor
and Mildred use to be a nurse

Nell- I understand Grandpa but why not anywomen

Grandpa- Nell , look at me, Have you seen me with a woman beofre

Nell- Ya 40 years younger

Grandpa-Therem you Go I was leading you and My friend on because you both have
the sdam thing in common

Nell- Whats that

Grandpa- All's heimers diossease...but in your case....All's finers diss-ease

Nell- Oh Grandpa(the two smile at each other and the scene freezes)

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