Fan Fiction

Mama Moves In


Nell- Oh Hi ya Joey, hi Matty

Joey- Hi

Matty- hi

Nell- So do you guys want to go to the park since it's boring today

Joey- Great aunt Nell see ya

Matty- Ya

Nell- Gees that fast

Addy- You know what Nell we have to go out tonight

Tim- Hi everybody

Nell- Hi

Addy- Hi

Nell- We were just thinking of going out tonight

Tim- Sounds great! where to?

Nell- How bout the bowling alley

Grandpa- Did I Mention anyone say bowling

Nell- Yes you did

Grandpa- Well I'm in

Nell- Come on everybody lets go

Sam- Where are you all going?

Nell- Bowling what does it look like, wanna stay home alone or wanna join us

Sam- Not unless you pick up Chris on the way

Nell- You got yourself a deal...Well lets go(as soon as Nell opens the door
she sees her Mama)
Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu(Her Mama starts to
cry) Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa-mmmmmaaaaaaaa!!!!!!?????????

Mama- Nell(cries)

Nell- Mama- Whats wrong? 

Mama- I left New York, I left everything!

Nell- Mama what happened?

Mama- Ernie left me

Nell- Oh Mama

Addy- Well lets go everyone

Nell- You all go I"m staying with my Mama

Nell- So what happened

Mama- He said he didn't want to Marry me

Nell- Was that all

Mama- Ya

Nell- Well Mama you can stay as long as you like

Mama - Oh rthank you Nell because I am mov ing in with you

Nell- no

Mama- Nell!

Nell- But Mama this house is big enough already

Mama- Not to me it is

Nell- Yes Mama

Mama- So what have you been up to

Nell- Well Got lucky, won the lottery, built Nells diner, everything

Mama- I am so happhy for you

Nell- Thank you Mama

Mama- So which room is going to be mine

Nell- Mama!

Mama- Well I am staying

Nell- Your right Mama, I'll give you the chiefs room, wat thats Tims room,
I'll give you katies old room

Mama- Oh thank you Nell

Nell- Well your lucky there's only one room left and thats the spare attic

Mama- Oh your too much Nell

Nell- I know aren't I

Mama- Well I do miss Ernie

Nell- Oh Mama dont cry

Mama- I miss him Nell

Nell- It's gonna be ok(they hug)

Simpson- Hi Ya everyone

Nell- Hi

Patti- hi

Nell- Oh everyone is out bowling and Mama is moving in with me

Simpson- Oh it has been a long time since I've seen you maybelle how are you
going on

Mama- Oh Simpson(starts to cry)

Ernie(comes through the door) April fools

Mama- Oh Ernie

Ernie- Oh Maybelle I love you and I want you to know that I wil marry
you....because you are the love of my life

Nell- Thank God now we can all go back to our normal peaceful lives(the scene
freezes with nell looking up at the cieling)

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