Fan Fiction

The New Yorkians Visit


Nell- Oh my God

Marty- Hi ya Nell

Maggie- Hi Nell

Nell- Marty Maggie

Marty- Hi

Joey- Uncle Marty

Marty- Hi ya Joey

Maggie- Wow Matthew look how big youve gooten

Grandpa- Oh Marty and Magie what a pleasant surprise

Addy- Oh look who it is Marty and Maggie from New York

Sam- Oh ho Marty hi Maggie

Marty- Hi Sam

Maggie- Hi

Simpson- Did I miss something

Patti- Hello!

Nell- These are our friends from New York Marty, and Maggie

Marty- Guess what

Nell- What

Marty- Maggies husband and her were having family problems, divorced, and now
we are happily married

Nell- Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I always knew you made a perfect couple

Nell- SO now that everyone is gone accept Addy and I tell me what have you
guys been up to

Marty- Well El Gatspucho Was Changed to Marty's like you always used to tell
the kids not to hang down at Marty's , and the apartment has, heat, water,
everything fixed, and spas

Nell- I wanna go back!

Addy- Nell

Nell- I'm only kidding

Maggie-Ya and Next week we are buying the street to put up pools and tennis

Nell- I wanna go I wana go


Nell- Ok.....FOr a visit

Addy- Ya

Nell- EEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeee(gets exited)


Nell- Well it was nice seeing you

Addy- Ya bye Maqrty bye Maggie have a nice safe trip back to New York

Maggie- Bye

Marty- Bye

Nell- You know what Addy

Addy- What

Nell- Sometimes New York isn't so bad after all

Addy- Nell!

Nell- I wanna go I wanna go

Addy- Nell(the scene freezes)

Next Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mama comes unexpectedly at the door without knocking again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And wants to move in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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